Here you can discover how we’re revolutionising home theatre audio
and find guidance on the best place for you to start

Home theatre brings amazing experiences into your home…

But actually building your home theatre isn't as simple as "pushing a button."You can easily make poor choices when designing your system or choosing what to buy. You can make mistakes when setting it all up. And you can miss out on a lot of enjoyment if you don't know how to get the most out of it.

At Jensen, time and again we've seen all these problems solved by knowledge!

That's why our mission is to do more than provide world class in-built home theatre products... we also provide easy-to-consume content that will teach anyone to choose and build their dream home theatre system!

There are three separate stages in your home theatre adventure: Plan, Place and Play.

Below you will find a description and the three best guides for each. Click the link to access the whole list of guides for that section.


Discover how to make the best choices in designing and selecting the home theatre system for you and your home. This section will take you from having no clue, all the way to choosing a system type, components, and where everything will go.


Learn everything you need to know while installing your new home theatre system.


Discover the best ways to configure your audio system, different ways you can use it, and how to play it more often!

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We believe good sound should never compromise on a tidy, gorgeous home…

…but Jensen is a high fidelity audio company at heart.

Trying to get both has been impossible for most of home theatre history. Quality speakers have been cumbersome. Wall and ceiling speakers have been designed around “utility” rather than performance.

We’re changing all that.Years of research and development in speaker design gave us the edge we needed to bring a new breed of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to the world.

Now our zero-clutter, in-built speakers are in beautiful homes all across Australia, and our clients are RAVING about the rich, clear sound they give.

If you’re ready to discover how amazing home theatre sound can blend seamlessly with home design, dive in and have a look at our state-of-the-art in-wall and in-ceiling speakers!