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The usual Jensen difference

I have had my Jensen sub EHT-707 for several months now and could not be more happy with it
I am only using it currently for pure audio listening and I cannot imagine what listening would be like without it. Why did I wait so long? Perhaps because I was under the misapprehension that sub-woofers are only for multi-channel home theatre. How wrong I was!! It is not as if my speakers are sub-par either hence perhaps unfairly accentuating the addition of the sub-woofer - they are also Jensens (DX-80's) and so are serious speakers
Next step is to set up my home theatre system - can't wait to watch Star Wars with this sub!!!
Well done Jensen - another superb product!!


Well the only ones I could find with a 5 year warranty that were built for a restaurant that sits not just on the coast but above it exposed to brutal conditions. Good sounds & absolute Aussie bang for the buck. For a comemrcial install these are pretty good magnetic covers a little ordinary but they do the job.

Great speakers

Easy wall install, great sound from these speakers, used in conjunction with the 203 rear speakers produces a rich sound both with music and watching tv/movies.
Awesoem, and very happy with them, also love the clip on magnetc covers, so simple and effective.

Quality speakers at a great price

Awesome speakers, look and sound great. Installed a previous set outdoors over 10 years ago and still going strong, highly recommend will purchase some more wall speakers.

Love the look and sound of the Elite-303 speakers!

The sounds from these speakers are amazing! I still need to finish the wall off, but the speakers are already making it a very enjoyable watching and listening experience.
I highly recommend these speakers if you're thinking about getting in-wall ones. Also, the Jensen customer service is great too! Very fast response and assistance from the team.

Great value, awesome product

These things sound fantastic. The sub absolutely slaps and they look brilliant on the wall and in the ceiling. Sound is incredible and immersive, feels like I'm in a movie theatre. Great value for money. Installation was a breeze and I would recommend to anyone considering buying.

If I had to say something bad about them it'd be that the frame of the wall-mounted speaker is white and the black face doesn't cover it entirely so there's a visible white line from a certain angle. And I wish I could disable the power LED on the sub as it's quite bright and distracting. A bit of tape solved that though.

Fantastic sound and awesome looks

Jensen 404s sound incredible and are easy to mount. No complaints whatsoever.

Elite 404

Brilliant speaker and exceptional customer support. I shattered the glass cover on installation, they sent a replacement via Toll free of charge. Excellent

JENSEN® ELITE-404 In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)
tom f.E.S.S.P.L. (Melbourne)
perspective from an electrician

great speakers, installed in a starbucks paired with another brand amp. performed great. client happy with sound. installation was done in an aluminium alucobond ceiling, the clamping by the speaker clampped even the thin material of 4mm without modification.

EHT-3 -- ELITE-303 -- EHT-707

I have to say I was dubious of how effective the 'centre speaker' would be but they have worked fantastically, these products are extremely well built – they are delivered quickly (I am in NSW) and with no damage – they sound fantastic, clear and precise – I had some questions that spanned over four emails, all responded to politely and within the day – It is rare to see the customer service to be so professional in todays market.

I highly recommend these products.

Elite 404

Crisp sound, neat looking speaker and great value for money

Explosive Indeed...

EHT-707 Subwoofer is way better than my previous Bose 700 Bass (which I recently sold) in terms of characteristics to deliver deep and tight bass. I restrained myself playing it loud always as this sub lived up to expectation of being explosive (I don't have much free earplugs for the neighbors LoL). Very flexible as well when paired to Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 and Diamond 12.c bookshelf and center speakers for a 3.1 set-up both for music and movies. Kuddos to Court and Adam at Jensen for the recommendation and help.


After long delays due to Covid finally got my subwoofer and it’s amazing in a 5m X 4m room it’s overkill, great products from Jensen also have ceiling speakers for atmos

Best Ever Speakers

I have installed the In wall speakers for TV and a projector, awesome quality and great sound, the center speaker is great in movies no more up and down on the volume, crisp clear sound. Rear speakers complete the package of great sound when watching movies.
Love them money well spent, great service and delivery was quick.

I still have my SPX-9 Speakers even after 20 years !!! Now in the Man Cave and going strong So I am a Jensen Fan !!

Just built my new house and went with Speakers I know will last !

Elite 303 wall speakers beside TV and Elite 303 I Cut down to fit lower cabinet. ( Still to build the fabric inserts )
Left Upper and Lower, Right Upper and Lower and Centres Paralleled. ( yes I know about Impedance, I built my own Class A Amplifier )

Twin Subs (Different Colors ATM ) driven from Paralleled Sub-Out using 75 Ohm Quad Shield cable with F type connectors to RCA Adaptors ( Absolutely NO AC Hum or Loop feedback ) with Subs to soon be upgraded to EHT-707.
Avoid cheap RCA Cables to the Subbies and rather than spend 100 or more dollars on a high quality RCA Cable, just get some quad shield 75 Ohm Cable, Fit F type connectors both ends and go to someone like Alvin Electronics and get some F type to RCA Adaptors. ( Total cost will probably be 10 bucks ) and you cant beat the quad shield, low inductance and resistance on the shield.

The room Rocks !! The House Rocks ( especially with twin Subs ) !!
All Cabinets and Wall Cavities Vented to ensure proper speaker operation.

The only issue I have found using these speakers is, I am getting letters in my letter box from the neighbours ( 5 doors down ).

Best ever

After a huge hassle to bring them to New Zealand, but with big help from customer support ,this guys are amazing , I finally have my speakers installed and running, and they are hell of a speakers. The best I ever had. All my friends are blowen out with the sound quality.
Thanks guys, you are the rock stars!!!

EHT-3 For me

I am using these as my surround speakers for a 5.1 set up and since the first sound erupted from them I have been impressed. Combined with a Denon 550BT it has completed my Home Theatre. 10/10 guys.

Great invisible centre speaker, but lacks low-down richness

Purchased the Elite-303 to replace my Sansui floor standing speakers and Jensen centre speaker to clear up the space when changing up the rumpus room.

Installed them a week ago, and they look clean and freed up space. I noticed a black stain in one of the grills, which I still need to reach out to Jensen about.

The "invisible" centre speaker is great with the dedicated centre channel built-in the Elite-303's. The high and mid-range performance is crisp and strong, even at high volume.

However, they lack low-down richness. The EHT-9's provided a deeper bass sound in comparison. With the Elite-303's, I strongly recommend to use a subwoofer.

Order was easy online, and speakers were delivered within 2 business days.

Thank you for your feedback. So sorry about the grille - we've sent out a new one for you.

As discussed, regarding bass extension, unfortunately we've found some older (>10 years old) amps don't handle lower impedance speakers as well as the newer models.

Your pioneer receiver's manual seems to have a 6ohm mode (which you've set) but also states 'We recommend using 8ohm speakers...' probably for this reason.

Great in-ceiling speakers

The EHT-9 are great in-ceiling speakers. Installed them as rear speakers and happy with their performance.

Could also be used as fronts and a centre with their performance, providing they are directed to the listening position. Good high and mid range performance, with reasonable low range performance.

The clearance hole is large to accommodate the 15 degree angle and driver, but look clean once in with the easy to install magnetic grills.

Order was easy online, and speakers were delivered within 2 business days of ordering.

Great Sound and Support

Great customer service helping me to choose the right speakers and right receiver, quick delivery and easy to install I like most the elite 303 with the center speakers, my whole sound system with 7.2 Yamaha receiver, my son very happy with awesome sound I attached some photos with all installed speakers in my media room

great sounds, easy to install

loving my new speakers - that I have used to replace older wall-mounted front and centre speakers. Give a much cleaner look to my wall and sounds great.

Amazingly good

Being an old school stereo guy I was hesitant to go away from my 250 watt Polk floor standing and center chanel speakers in lieu of the Jenson in wall speakers.
So glad I did and went with the sub as well not only do they sound great it cleans up the whole area so thanks Jenson.

Early Christmas present

Bought the eht-9s loved them and the ease of install so much went back and got the 203 in wall to go in the kitchen. Great sound easy install Aussie made what more can you ask for.

Easy install, great sound and support

Great customer service helping me choose the speakers, quick delivery and easy install. Not to mention awesome sounding speakers.


Recently we undertook a much needed reno to our lounge room and whilst in the planning stage thought it would be nice to have a entertainment system to replace our dead 20 year old yamaha system. However the thought of cluttering the room with freestanding speakers was a put off, and whilst investigating the possibility of building my own wall and ceiling mount speakers, not knowing what was on the market, I happened to stumble across the Jensen site. Liking what I seen and making contact with Jensen I found there replies prompt and very helpful, initially due to budget restraint I was going to do it in dribs and drabs. After letting Jensen know of what we were trying to achieve they offered me a decent package on the elite-303, EHT-9, and a EHT-707 sub set up, wow 2 days later in the early days of covid I've picked them up from freight depot, interstate and all, quality all round fitment a breeze, impressed. Now the hard part was waiting a couple of months for the budget to catch up and making the decision of what AV unit to drive them all the time anxious how they will sound. Finally decided to purchase, Denon avr-1600h. Well all I can say all the waiting was worth it. Looks Brilliant, sounds amazing, and the help and deal through Jensen second to none. The only future update will be elite-203 for rear / side walls. 100% recommended.