In-Wall Speakers

The new JENSEN® in-wall speakers bring an unrivaled combination of audio performance & minimalism to your home theatre & multi-room audio systems. Big-screen TVs have evolved and finally, in-wall speaker systems audio have too. Finally, you can outclass large, cumbersome floor-standing & bookshelf speakers, without cluttering your room.

The Best Wall Mounted Speakers

Most JENSEN® customers choose to DIY (Do It Yourself) install speakers right into walls with our easy to follow mounting instructions. If you're not so handy, you can get help from our network of installers Australia wide.

Quality In-Wall Speakers

Reclaim your floor space - check out our stunning range of game-changing in-wall speakers.

JENSEN® ELITE-303 In-Wall Speakers (Pair)

Regular price $649.00
The JENSEN flagship in-wall speaker are 3-channel front speakers with inbuilt centre speakers negating the need for a separate centre speaker. This places the center soundstage perfectly center of your screen instead of down below, which is typical of standard center speakers. Ideal for hi-performance home theatre surround sounds systems. Perfect for unobtrusive clean good looks that will match your large screen. 
  • The "Holy Grail" of in-wall speakers
  • Black or White
  • 3 Channel front speakers system
  • Perfect Center speaker
  • Stunning Long Glass Panels
  • Requires just 75mm wall cavity
  • DIY installation

JENSEN® ELITE-203 In-Wall Speakers (Pair)

Regular price $449.00
ELITE-203 In-Wall Speakers have been designed and developed specifically for Hi-Fi Home Theatre
  • In-Wall Bookshelf speaker replacement
  • Rear surround or front stereo speakers
  • Fit's almost all wall cavities - requires just 62mm
  • Easy DIY Installation