In-Wall Speakers

The new range of Jensen® in-wall speakers will provide you with an explosive home theatre experience while being almost invisible in your living or theatre room. Designed for newer high resolution dolby® movie soundtracks yet also having amazing musicality, these Jensen® in-wall speakers with complete your family home.

In-wall installation is easy whether you have a new build or you're upgrading from existing floor-standing or bookshelf speakers. Follow the detailed guides and once installed, these bad boys are extremely low maintenance. No more layers of dust to clean or hazards for (or from) young ones.

Choose from our three-channel (LCR) Elite-303 speaker system with the unique Perfect Centerspeaker system or our two channel Elite-203 for rear in-wall surround speakers.

In-Wall Speakers

In-Wall Speakers vs Floor Standing Speakers

You’re probably wondering… How on earth can in-wall speakers be as good as those big tower speakers?

I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. A pair of nearly invisible speakers tucked away inside the wall of your room can give you the same full, clear sound as a pair of big box speakers.

It’s because they have a unique advantage…

Floor standing speakers rely on their “big box” to prevent sound waves from cancelling each other out. The speaker cones inside the box push and pull air in both directions… without a box, the moving air would fold around and cancel itself out.

They call this the “enclosure” and it’s non-negotiable if you want rich lower mids and bass.

So what’s the advantage of in-wall speakers?

They use the walls of your home as an “infinite baffle enclosure” that allows full control of the mids and bass frequencies.

The multiple speaker cones in the Jensen in-wall speakers (especially the Elite-303 speakers) play those frequencies with amazing presence and detail despite actually being far less of a visible burden in your room.

In-Wall Speakers for Surround Sound

If you want to keep it simple, you can use a single pair of Jensen in-wall speakers and you’ll get awesome sound quality as well as a 3D audio image. You’ll hear sounds coming from different places in front of you as you watch movies and listen to music.

It’s not just a traditional stereo image either… this 3D performance is a unique design feature of our latest Jensen line and our clients are raving about it. We call it the Perfect Centre Speaker System.

If you’re keen for a real home theatre project, we recommend taking things up a notch and using one or two additional pairs of in-wall speakers.

The first additional pair will be installed behind your listening seat to provide rear sound effects. The second will be installed directly to the sides of your listening seat to complete the immersive surround experiences from all around you.

To truly crown your home theatre and add ATMOS sound effects from above, which almost all movies released today contain, add some in-ceiling speakers to the system.

Are they hard to install?

While you will need a few tools and a minimum level of handiness about you, install of a pair of Jensen in-wall speakers is very straight forward and easy. There are no AC mains cables to run, so no electrician needed.

If you have the tools and basic skills, it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to install the pair. You will essentially:

  • Measure and mark the location of your speakers, making sure there are no structural studs behind your chosen spot (best to use a stud finder).
  • Use the template we provide to cut out the cavity for your speaker to go (it can be rough because the speaker covers it).
  • Use a “snake” tool to fish your speaker cables through to wherever your AV receiver will be hidden (so you’ll never see the cables).
  • Press down the spring-loaded terminals to connect the speaker cables to the speakers, then to tighten the speakers into the walls using a screw driver.

After those four steps, you connect the speaker cables to your receiver and that’s it. You can kick back and start immersing yourself in the divine audio of your new Jensen system!

(If you would prefer, we have a network of experienced installers available to get the job done for you. Get in touch with us here.)

In-Wall Speaker FAQ's