In-Ceiling Speakers

The JENSEN® legendary explosive sound now invisible & built in-ceiling. Choose for ATMOS, home theatre rears, multi-room audio or outdoor alfresco use. Minimalist, beautiful, clean lines with loads of EXPLOSIVE sound!

No more boxes hanging off wall brackets or sitting atop jittery speaker stands shrouded in dust & cob-webs. Like their In-Wall brothers, our In-Ceiling Speakers will deliver crystal clear sound with thunderous home theatre performance & come with an unconditional 5 Year Warranty.

JENSEN® ELITE-404 In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)

Regular price $499.00
With stunning Glass Grille face panels, Elite-404 is arguably the best looking In-Ceiling speakers on the planet AND they happen to be superb sounding with high power handling. They require 140mm (min) ceiling cavity and attach to plaster/gyprock by 4 on-board dog-clamps. Suitable for any modern new home the attractive 4mm Black or White glass panels magnetically attach to provide the ultimate high-end appearance. Heavy Duty 8” driver provides lots of Bass, in fact Subwoofers may not be necessary if using throughout the home or in outdoor or Alfresco areas. 140 Watts RMS power handling, JENSEN’s tweeter circuit protection, heavy duty crossover and gold plated spring wiring clamps all combine to ensure the Elite-404 is the ultimate In-Ceiling Speaker system.
  • 140 Watts RMS
  • Stunning glass edged designer face panels
  • Black or White Glass
  • Wide sweet-spot with fixed 15° dispersion horn
  • Big Bass Monster 8” Woofer
  • Easy DIY Installation

JENSEN® EHT-9 In-Ceiling Speakers (Pair)

Regular price $499.00
Created out of demand from JENSEN customers, the EHT-9 speakers is based on our highly acclaimed Elite-404 in-ceiling speakers but with a minimalistic white grille that blends into your ceiling. 
Great with new high end home theatres or music systems that now featuring 2, 4 & 6+ in-ceiling speakers that seamlessly blends into your room, providing massive hidden home theatre and music performance. 
  • 50-140 Watts RMS Power handling (Max)
  • Easy In-Ceiling Mounting with Secure Fit Clamps
  • Minimalist InvisiGrille face panels
  • Wide sweet-spot with fixed 15° dispersion horn
  • Huge explosive Heavy duty 8” Woofer
  • Silky Smooth Highs with AccuSilk Tweeter technology
  • Removable logo for a Grille only appearance
  • Rodent/Dust/Moisture/Humidity and weather proof (cannot be exposed to direct driving rain)
  • Easy DIY Installation

JENSEN® EHT-3 In-Ceiling Speakers

Regular price $399.00
While EHT-3 is considered the baby JENSEN® in-ceiling speaker, it outperforms competitors multiples it price, bringing technology pioneered from our Elite series into a new price point. These require just 130mm (min) ceiling cavity and attach to plaster/gyprock by 4 on-board secure-fit clamps. The Grilles securely attach magnetically to make installation and service easy. Heavy Duty 6.5” woofer combined with our AccuSilk tweeter provides explosive invisible sound for your home theatre, throughout the home, bathroom or outdoor Alfresco areas. 
  • 50-110 Watts RMS Power handling
  • Minimalist InvisiGrille speaker covers
  • Wide sweet-spot with fixed 15° dispersion horn
  • Explosive Heavy duty 6.5” Woofer
  • Silky Smooth Highs with AccuSilk Tweeter technology
  • Easy DIY Installation

Elite-404 EHT-9 EHT-3
Shape Round Round Round
Suited For Ceiling - Indoor Ceiling - Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling - Indoor/Outdoor
Description 8" 2 Way 8" 2 Way 6.5" 2 Way
Tweeter Size 28 mm silk Dome 28 mm Silk Dome 28 mm Silk Dome
Power Handling 140 Watt RMS 140 Watt RMS 110 Watt RMS
Nom. Impedance 6 Ohms 6 Ohms 6 Ohms
Frequency Resp. 35Hz - 21kHz 35Hz - 21kHz 40Hz - 21kHz
Eyeball Tweeter Yes Yes Yes
Paintable Fascias No Yes Yes
Overdrive Protect Yes Yes Yes
Outer Dimension (Grille) 287.5 mm 290 mm 240 mm
Cut-out Dimension 256 mm 256 mm 208 mm
Warranty 5 Years Parts & Labour 5 Years Parts & Labour 5 Years Parts & Labour
SPL @ 1 w/m 90 db 90 db 90 db
Min. Mounting Depth 140 mm 140 mm 130 mm

Ceiling Speaker Placement

Why is In-ceiling placement extremely Important? Speaker placement is essential because the audio which is produced enables an accurate portrayal of the sound. If the speakers are to close or too far, some sounds may get reflected into the room. Those sounds get exaggerated and don't represent what the artist wanted your audio to sound like. Two typical ways were used to determine placement. Those ways are called the "golden triangle" and "toe-in". The golden triangle states that the listener's seat should be equal distance from all speakers. That works well for just having two in-wall speakers next to your tv, for instance, but a 5.1 system in a small room will be hard to get all speakers equal distance apart. Toeing in refers to placing speakers with directional tweeters aimed at the listening position for a more spacious sound. Neither of these systems works well with a ceiling speaker. Ceiling speakers have distributed audio placement, and music disperses from a speaker in a circular pattern. It is far more critical to understand where that sound is dispersing and making sure that the speakers are placed the proper distance apart to overlap slightly but create no sound gaps. Ceiling speakers will generally be set up in front and behind the seated position to cover all areas. It would help if you also ensured that the center channel is wide enough to cover the entire listening area.

In-ceiling Speaker System

A complete ceiling speaker system most likely includes at least five speakers if no other speakers are used. I would recommend three speakers in the front, above the tv and two speakers in the back of the listening area. For a real surround sound experience, seven ceiling speakers would be incredible. The set up would be three in front then two more to the side of your seated position and finally two behind your listening spot. If you use this system, you will have an in-ceiling surround sound system that looks clean and sounds great!

Roof Speakers

What’s the difference between roof speakers and Jensen in-ceiling speakers? There isn’t one. The term “roof speakers” refers to the same thing! These tidy home theatre speakers are ideal for Dolby Atmos (Atmos roof speakers), great for full systems if you prefer (roof speaker systems) and are easiest to use when your builder can handle the install for you (built in roof speakers).

Ceiling Mount Speakers

Why would someone choose a ceiling-mounted speaker? First and foremost, ceiling speakers are not messy. If you have a small room or can't have speakers sitting on the floor, in-ceiling is a great way to clean the place up. You have the flexibility to mount them wherever you want based on your room and what you already have. That means if you have a couple of previous speakers, ceiling speakers can fit right in with an existing system. Another fantastic reason for ceiling speakers is the total immersion they provide. Every spot in the room can be covered with sound from above, leading to complete audio immersion. Finally, ceiling speakers work well with any type of media so if you switch between music and movies this might be the way to go.

Ceiling Speakers: Frequently asked Questions

Are you an accomplished DIYer that feels comfortable running wire and connecting it? If so, this should be a relatively painless process. The easiest way to install the cables is by running them through the attic, unfinished basement, or crawlspace. It may take more wire, but it requires less skill. The first step is to plan out where everything will be located. The plan should include distances, studs, and any impediment. While buying in-ceiling speaker wire, allow 15% extra in case something comes up and add 2 to 3 feet on at the end so you can set your speaker on a ladder while installing.

The answer to this question depends on how many speakers you will be installing. If you have only two ceiling speakers, the optimal position will be 1-2 meters behind of the primary seating position. Jensen in-ceiling speakers have good dispersion so that they will spread out nicely for optimal listening. With four speakers, you will want two in front of the seating position and two behind it. These speakers should be equal distances from the central seating position. We recommend the speakers are placed no more than 4 meters apart from each other and no closer than 1.5 meters. If you go with five speakers, three should be in front and two behind.

While the insulation shouldn't do any damage, your best bet is to protect the speakers. They are far more expensive than the insulation, so why chance it. Just make sure that you leave some air around the pole vent. A little padding or covering around the speakers will keep any insulation from touching them.

Yes, Jensen in-ceiling speakers are great for a surround sound set up. With proper positioning, the ceiling speakers can replicate the surround sound experience you expect. The key is setting up the speakers, so they give you an immersive experience. For instance, the two speakers behind you should be set as rear channels. You will need at least four speakers and possibly five, depending on how close to a 5.1 surround sound experience you want to get.

Boxing ceiling speakers is a common question that is asked about a few different scenarios. First, they don't have to be boxed to be effective. In a few cases, though, I would look at boxing them or consider adding a fire hood. The first situation is there is nothing behind them. If you are installing and you have an attic with nothing there, you will lose sound out the back. Another situation is that you have a lot of crap around the speaker, and you want to protect it from debris or destructive elements. Finally, if you have a room, like a bedroom, right above the speaker, you may want to limit the noise above the speaker.

It depends on how long you will be running the cable and what type of speaker. For Jensen Speakers, which are 6ohm, 12 or 14 gauge wire is usually best for longer runs. If you within say 5 meters, you could get by with 16 gauge wire. While more expensive, the 14 gauge is the safest option for your Jensen speaker set.

Yes, you will need a speaker amplifier to power your Jensen speakers. The key is getting an amp that is as good as the Jensen ceiling speakers. Purchasing these great in-ceiling speakers and hooking them up to 50 dollar amplifier isn't going to make the most of the speakers. There are quite a few out there, so if you are looking for recommendations, then give us a call, and we would be happy to discuss some of our favourites.

Absolutely! With today's technology, it isn't hard to hook up your phone or computer to our ceiling speakers. If you have a reasonably new amplifier, you need to pick up a wireless adapter that connects your phone to your music system via Bluetooth. There are many different options available, and we would be happy to discuss how to make our Jensen in-ceiling speakers play from your wireless device.