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JENSEN® home theatre speakers are everything you've been looking for in an audio system - Explosive sound without the need for clunky big box speakers of the past.

Our revolutionary range of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers redefines what's possible in home theatre speakers & distributed music systems, bringing you a new level of performance & value.

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JENSEN® has been pushing the boundaries of what's possible in all of its state-of-the-art home theatre systems for over 30 years. From Industry-leading warranty to unparalleled customer support, buying direct guarantees you best pricing, automatic warranty registration & Fast Free Courier Delivery!

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Awesome sound

This awesome sub goes hand in hand with the also awesome Jensen in wall and in ceiling speakers I have installed in my home theatre room!

JENSEN® EHT-707 Home Theatre Subwoofer
steven kirtsanis (Melbourne)

After long delays due to Covid finally got my subwoofer and it’s amazing in a 5m X 4m room it’s overkill, great products from Jensen also have ceiling speakers for atmos


As per usual these Jensen Speakers really know what they are doing. Great sound and price, I have a pair installed for background music. Better than bose/sonos

JENSEN® EHT-3 In-Ceiling Speakers
Russell Colman (Kingscote)

Nice and neat in the ceiling. Easy enough to install. Good sound.
Good result!

JENSEN® EHT-3 In-Ceiling Speakers
Eric Sneade (Brisbane)
Ceiling speakers

Great product well packaged well constructed overall extremely happy with the product!


Finally received my Jensen sub after 6 months of waiting. Just, wow! My 7.1 surround now sounds like I'm at the cinema. This sub is awesome!

Great sound

Again like my comments on the in wall speakers my in ceiling speakers are brilliant, very happy with them and I found them very easy to install as a DIY option.

Great sound

The speakers are excellent in quality, sound, finish and fitment I'm very happy with them and would full recommend to anyone all with a great back-up service!

Best Ever Speakers

I have installed the In wall speakers for TV and a projector, awesome quality and great sound, the center speaker is great in movies no more up and down on the volume, crisp clear sound. Rear speakers complete the package of great sound when watching movies.
Love them money well spent, great service and delivery was quick.


So happy with the ease of setup and sound the speakers create. Would recommend to anyone

Very easy to install, quality components, sound amazing. Costumer service was great and very pleased with the overall look.

Conference Room with 203 In-Wall's installed

Powered by NAD Amp with Wharfedale Sub.
Sound Great. Look Great.

uplifting when a supplier and product meet all expectations

resultant sound from these speakers is exceptional for the price. Perhaps a little more bass effect would make them near perfect

Thanks for the review John

You'll be happy to know bass opens up a lot after 10-15 hrs of break-in listening.

Bang for Buck!

I have had Jensen surround speakers for over 15 years - used every day. they sound as good as day 1. I Installed these into ceiling as surround rears as the rears I had were amazing but too big and took up too much space in my new room. I'm very impressed with the sound quality. above expectations. install was really easy too - the design of the enclosure and fixing mechanism is well thought out and well built. the angle of the speaker helps to bring the sound field down from the ceiling too. oh and they're a perfect match for my Jensen floor standing fronts, center and sub.

JENSEN® EHT-3 In-Ceiling Speakers
David Hard (Brisbane)
EHT-3 👍

Very happy with the sound out of these speakers. Using them in my alfresco area and get a clean punchy bass. Would definitely recommend

Great sound

Tried cheaper ones.. no comparison.

Amazing speakers

The sound quality is superb with the right amount of bass, I used them to listen to music in my kitchen. Easy install!

In ceiling speakers

Excellent quality and sound to compliment all our other Jensen speakers

JENSEN® ELITE-303 In-Wall Speakers (Pair)
Jeff Gaylard (Balwyn North)

I still have my SPX-9 Speakers even after 20 years !!! Now in the Man Cave and going strong So I am a Jensen Fan !!

Just built my new house and went with Speakers I know will last !

Elite 303 wall speakers beside TV and Elite 303 I Cut down to fit lower cabinet. ( Still to build the fabric inserts )
Left Upper and Lower, Right Upper and Lower and Centres Paralleled. ( yes I know about Impedance, I built my own Class A Amplifier )

Twin Subs (Different Colors ATM ) driven from Paralleled Sub-Out using 75 Ohm Quad Shield cable with F type connectors to RCA Adaptors ( Absolutely NO AC Hum or Loop feedback ) with Subs to soon be upgraded to EHT-707.
Avoid cheap RCA Cables to the Subbies and rather than spend 100 or more dollars on a high quality RCA Cable, just get some quad shield 75 Ohm Cable, Fit F type connectors both ends and go to someone like Alvin Electronics and get some F type to RCA Adaptors. ( Total cost will probably be 10 bucks ) and you cant beat the quad shield, low inductance and resistance on the shield.

The room Rocks !! The House Rocks ( especially with twin Subs ) !!
All Cabinets and Wall Cavities Vented to ensure proper speaker operation.

The only issue I have found using these speakers is, I am getting letters in my letter box from the neighbours ( 5 doors down ).

JENSEN® ELITE-303 In-Wall Speakers (Pair)
Darko Ponjiger (Christchurch)
Best ever

After a huge hassle to bring them to New Zealand, but with big help from customer support ,this guys are amazing , I finally have my speakers installed and running, and they are hell of a speakers. The best I ever had. All my friends are blowen out with the sound quality.
Thanks guys, you are the rock stars!!!

EHT-3 For me

I am using these as my surround speakers for a 5.1 set up and since the first sound erupted from them I have been impressed. Combined with a Denon 550BT it has completed my Home Theatre. 10/10 guys.

Great in-ceiling speakers

The EHT-9 are great in-ceiling speakers. Installed them as rear speakers and happy with their performance.

Could also be used as fronts and a centre with their performance, providing they are directed to the listening position. Good high and mid range performance, with reasonable low range performance.

The clearance hole is large to accommodate the 15 degree angle and driver, but look clean once in with the easy to install magnetic grills.

Order was easy online, and speakers were delivered within 2 business days of ordering.

Great Sound and Support

Great customer service helping me to choose the right speakers and right receiver, quick delivery and easy to install I like most the elite 303 with the center speakers, my whole sound system with 7.2 Yamaha receiver, my son very happy with awesome sound I attached some photos with all installed speakers in my media room

JENSEN® EHT-3 In-Ceiling Speakers
David Bullock (Canberra)

Good company to deal with. Speakers sound great! Recommended.

Great Speakers

After reading all the reviews about Jenson speakers I can confirm to everyone that these are extremely good quality and sound fantastic.
We decided on in wall Elite 303 and will be adding the side wall speakers soon, anyone considering home theater speakers should get these as they look and sound great.