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The JENSEN Difference

We’re a well-known, Australian based company that specialises ceiling and wall speakers that combine performance sound and tidy home design.

Jensen is your dream partner in supplying in-built home audio solutions and helping you deliver your clients results they won’t believe.

Things you no longer have to deal with:

  • Opening speakers on site, ready to install them, and finding a confusing design with useless instructions.
  • Finishing the job and testing your client’s new speaker system only to find it sounds flat and disappointing.
  • Sending an email to your speaker supplier to get a status update on Monday morning… and getting no response until Friday afternoon.
  • And many more headaches…

Things you can look forward to as an Installer Partner:

  • Be known as the expert on in-wall and in-ceiling speaker systems — with our responsive expert advice on your side.
  • Get more work-of-mouth business from clients after their minds are blown by the audio system you delivered.
  • Confidently focus on getting your job done, knowing that your speaker supplier is giving you top quality gear at excellent prices.
  • Order additional speakers when things change suddenly — and have them on site within a week.*
  • Complete speaker install jobs quickly with easy to install products.
  • Rest easy knowing your clients are getting quality product backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty.
  • Have warm, qualified, local leads directed straight to your business as they enquire through us.

*Our track record for express delivery is 4 days maximum. But note that It’s possible for circumstances we can’t control to cause delays.

What Installers Are Saying

“Another happy customer. I am an installer of A/V equipment and I always highly recommend the Jensen range.The 303's being my favorite as they have an awesome minimalist look. Not having to "Cut In" a center speaker really cuts down the clutter on the wall without sacrificing performance. The frequency response is nice and balanced and quiet surprising for a in wall speaker. Tone switch allows to accommodate for listening preferences but also helps balance a "bright" room.

A real winner for the look is the grills, white or black they are glass and will not discolour unlike a lot of others with plastics when exposed to UV will turn white to yellow and fade the black to grey. Customers are saying things like: "My music sounds different! There are instruments there that I have never really noticed before!"

- Chris Tonkin, AV Installer Partner