JENSEN® ELITE-303 In-Wall Speakers (Pair)


Product Description 

“Where on earth do I put a center speaker?” Nowhere! The new JENSEN® flagship in-wall speakers with the unique Perfect CenterSpeakersystem eliminates the need for that separate awkwardly placed center speaker. Designs specifically as hi-performance home theatre front speakers, from 5.1 to 7.2.4 for your TV living area or dedicated home theatre room. Perfect for placing the soundstage in the center of your screen where it belongs while providing unobtrusive clean good looks that matches today’s big screen TV and projector screens. 

Hidden HiFi Performance

By eliminating costly enclosures and tuning specifically for large wall cavities, the Elite-303 in-wall speakers redefine what's possible for explosive sound, minimalism & value.

Perfect Center Speaker System 

With TV sizes getting larger, traditional center speakers now skew the soundstage of home theatres - typically being awkwardly placed low under your screen. With the center speaker claiming up to 40% of the surround tracks, the highly acclaimed Perfect Center speaker system immerses you in a true cinema-like soundstage.


Engineered to be virtually indestructible so they will sound amazing being played soft, loud or louder. Our unique Overdrive Protect circuitry kicks in for potentially damaging power spikes keeping your speakers performing for years to come. Hi-grade Gold plated spring loaded input terminals are used to ensure connections are solid and maintenance-free once installed. 

Twin Boost Switches

Most speakers are described as Warmor Bright depending on personal preference and your room. Our Elite in-wall series is the best of both worlds, creating the perfect sound for your room and ears at the flick of a switch.

AccuSilk Tweeter

Standard In-Wall tweeters are 25mm (1”) max and are use metallic Domes. We call these “screamers” as they're responsible for ear fatigue and headaches with loud & long term listening. JENSEN® 28mm AccuSilk Tweeters with powerful neodymium magnets give you  clean, sweet, silky smooth top end - you will LOOOVE these.  

Logo Blanking

Place a colour behind the transparent LOGO to match your décor for that extra visual appeal. Or, white behind white or black behind black will make it disappear completely. Or, do nothing to show wall colour!  

How to connect your front
left, right & center speakers

  • Wire the left and right speakers carefully matching the red and black terminals marked "L/R" to your AV receiver
  • Wire 2 sets of speaker wires in parallel to your AV receiver 
  • Wire each center speaker cable to the binding post on each speaker marked "CENTER"

Elite-303 In-Wall Speaker Specifications 

Table header 0Table header 1Table header 2Table header 3
ShapeRectangularSuited forIn-Wall Only
Woofer(s)Twin 4.5" per channelTweeter
28mm AccuSilk Dome
Power Handling (per channel)140 WattsNom. Impedance6 Ohms
Frequency Resp.40Hz - 21kHzTweeter Boost SwitchYes
Eyeball TweeterYes (20° swivel)Paintable FasciasNo
Overdrive Protect
Cut-out Dimension570 x 135mmOuter Dimension (Grille)650 x 163mm
Warranty5 Years Parts & LabourMinimum cavity depth70mm
Package Weight10kgPackage dimensions
(L x W x H)
70 x 21 x 28 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Ikenna A. (Melbourne)
Gorgeous looking and impressive sounding speakers

The Surround Sound afforded by Jensen Speakers are simply satisfying to the ear and pleasing to the eye....

Both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are well made, pretty to look at and satisfying to listen to.

Even before adding the EHT-707 subwoofer which I plan to do in the coming weeks, I am already one happy customer.

Altogether 3 living areas, each fitted with 4 ceiling speakers (EHT-9s) -- surround R and L, and Surround Back R and L, plus 2 wall speakers - Elite-303 Invisigrille -- R, L, and C, for a 7 channel configuration....

wow! Now all that's left is the subwoofer for each room.

Also 2 additional areas each with 5 ceiling speakers only -- EHT-9s -- for a 5 channel configuration.....

This is my number one source of pride in my home I suppose, money spent but money well spent....

Jensen Speakers is simply the way to go!

Pro Tip: However nice the speakers look in photos, they look even better in real life

Lest I forget, customer service is 10 out of 10, from the very first moment I got into email exchanges with Adam and co., up until present, I can't fault it whatsoever.

Keep it up guys.

David S. (Sydney)
Great speakers

Easy wall install, great sound from these speakers, used in conjunction with the 203 rear speakers produces a rich sound both with music and watching tv/movies.
Awesoem, and very happy with them, also love the clip on magnetc covers, so simple and effective.

Daniel M. (Adelaide)
Love the look and sound of the Elite-303 speakers!

The sounds from these speakers are amazing! I still need to finish the wall off, but the speakers are already making it a very enjoyable watching and listening experience.
I highly recommend these speakers if you're thinking about getting in-wall ones. Also, the Jensen customer service is great too! Very fast response and assistance from the team.

K. (Brisbane)
Great value, awesome product

These things sound fantastic. The sub absolutely slaps and they look brilliant on the wall and in the ceiling. Sound is incredible and immersive, feels like I'm in a movie theatre. Great value for money. Installation was a breeze and I would recommend to anyone considering buying.

If I had to say something bad about them it'd be that the frame of the wall-mounted speaker is white and the black face doesn't cover it entirely so there's a visible white line from a certain angle. And I wish I could disable the power LED on the sub as it's quite bright and distracting. A bit of tape solved that though.

Dom (Sydney)
EHT-3 -- ELITE-303 -- EHT-707

I have to say I was dubious of how effective the 'centre speaker' would be but they have worked fantastically, these products are extremely well built – they are delivered quickly (I am in NSW) and with no damage – they sound fantastic, clear and precise – I had some questions that spanned over four emails, all responded to politely and within the day – It is rare to see the customer service to be so professional in todays market.

I highly recommend these products.

David.A (Brisbane)
Best Ever Speakers

I have installed the In wall speakers for TV and a projector, awesome quality and great sound, the center speaker is great in movies no more up and down on the volume, crisp clear sound. Rear speakers complete the package of great sound when watching movies.
Love them money well spent, great service and delivery was quick.

Jeff G. (Balwyn North)

I still have my SPX-9 Speakers even after 20 years !!! Now in the Man Cave and going strong So I am a Jensen Fan !!

Just built my new house and went with Speakers I know will last !

Elite 303 wall speakers beside TV and Elite 303 I Cut down to fit lower cabinet. ( Still to build the fabric inserts )
Left Upper and Lower, Right Upper and Lower and Centres Paralleled. ( yes I know about Impedance, I built my own Class A Amplifier )

Twin Subs (Different Colors ATM ) driven from Paralleled Sub-Out using 75 Ohm Quad Shield cable with F type connectors to RCA Adaptors ( Absolutely NO AC Hum or Loop feedback ) with Subs to soon be upgraded to EHT-707.
Avoid cheap RCA Cables to the Subbies and rather than spend 100 or more dollars on a high quality RCA Cable, just get some quad shield 75 Ohm Cable, Fit F type connectors both ends and go to someone like Alvin Electronics and get some F type to RCA Adaptors. ( Total cost will probably be 10 bucks ) and you cant beat the quad shield, low inductance and resistance on the shield.

The room Rocks !! The House Rocks ( especially with twin Subs ) !!
All Cabinets and Wall Cavities Vented to ensure proper speaker operation.

The only issue I have found using these speakers is, I am getting letters in my letter box from the neighbours ( 5 doors down ).

Darko P. (Christchurch)
Best ever

After a huge hassle to bring them to New Zealand, but with big help from customer support ,this guys are amazing , I finally have my speakers installed and running, and they are hell of a speakers. The best I ever had. All my friends are blowen out with the sound quality.
Thanks guys, you are the rock stars!!!

Casper (Melbourne)
Great invisible centre speaker, but lacks low-down richness

Purchased the Elite-303 to replace my Sansui floor standing speakers and Jensen centre speaker to clear up the space when changing up the rumpus room.

Installed them a week ago, and they look clean and freed up space. I noticed a black stain in one of the grills, which I still need to reach out to Jensen about.

The "invisible" centre speaker is great with the dedicated centre channel built-in the Elite-303's. The high and mid-range performance is crisp and strong, even at high volume.

However, they lack low-down richness. The EHT-9's provided a deeper bass sound in comparison. With the Elite-303's, I strongly recommend to use a subwoofer.

Order was easy online, and speakers were delivered within 2 business days.

Thank you for your feedback. So sorry about the grille - we've sent out a new one for you.

As discussed, regarding bass extension, unfortunately we've found some older (>10 years old) amps don't handle lower impedance speakers as well as the newer models.

Your pioneer receiver's manual seems to have a 6ohm mode (which you've set) but also states 'We recommend using 8ohm speakers...' probably for this reason.

Niketan P. (Sydney)
Great Sound and Support

Great customer service helping me to choose the right speakers and right receiver, quick delivery and easy to install I like most the elite 303 with the center speakers, my whole sound system with 7.2 Yamaha receiver, my son very happy with awesome sound I attached some photos with all installed speakers in my media room