Is Bigger Better When It Comes To Speakers?

If you're in the process of putting together a home theater system, there are a few key areas to pay attention to. There's a popular idea in the audiophile community that "bigger is always better" when it comes to speakers. After all, large speakers not only give you the volume that you're after, but they also add extra dimension to the proceedings by way of the earth-shattering base that you just won't find anywhere else. Right?

Not necessarily. Thanks to the way that technology has continued to advance over the last several years, bigger is not necessarily always better when it comes to speakers.

It's About the Environment

In many ways, picking out speakers for your home theater system is a lot like picking out any other element - the environment that your equipment will go in plays a huge role in determining things like size.

Consider that shiny new HDTV you've had your eye on, for example. You would never buy a 100+ inch television to put inside a 12 x 12 room, even if you could afford it. It would be far too big or such a space - though you'd have the biggest TV on the block, it would overpower everything in the room and would actually be uncomfortable to watch. You couldn't possibly enjoy it in the same way you could a 60 inch TV in the same space.

Speakers are the exact same way. Though large speakers will naturally be louder, this isn't on the surface a guarantee that you're getting the best possible experience for your money. If you're putting together a home theater system for home use, the simple fact of the matter is that you probably don't have a room big enough to accommodate 10-foot high floor standing speakers. You'd have to keep the volume too low all the time to enjoy the benefits that you're paying for in the first place.

Small Speakers: The Benefits

What small speakers lose in volume and presence they make up for in presentation. In addition to creating a warmer, fuller experience in the room that you're actually working with, you have an opportunity to incorporate something like in wall speakers or in-ceiling speakers into the visual design of the room itself. Instead of worrying about the speakers detracting from the style you're going for, you can incorporate them naturally and actually have them accentuate the theme that you've already worked so hard to create. JENSEN’s range of discreet in wall speakers is stunning in every sense. From the high-powered sound to the classy black or white glass panels, they’re sure to make an impression.


For the last several decades, JENSEN is proud to act as an industry leader in commercial audio solutions and speakers aimed at both casual listeners and audiophiles and everyone in between. The JENSEN brand name has become synonymous with quality, particularly in the area of floor standing speakers, in-ceiling speakers, in wall speakers and more. If you're trying to put together the home theater system of your dreams and want to make sure that your own equipment sounds just as good if not better than the experience that you would get at the local multiplex, JENSEN is here to help.