Wireless Speakers: The Pros & Cons

A lot has been made about wireless speakers in the last few years, but they're so new that they still have an air of mystery about them. Can wireless speakers truly deliver the type of power that you're after in home theater speakers? Does the benefit of not having any wires truly outweigh any potential downsides that there may be? The team here at JENSEN speakers are often pitched the same questions by customers. Before you make a decision, here are a few key things that you need to keep in mind.

Wireless Speakers: The Benefits

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of wireless speakers is one of versatility. They're incredibly easy to install as you don't have to run speaker wires or any type of cables from your receiver to the speakers themselves - they can be added to your existing wireless network in seconds. Because there are no speaker wires present, you're also given additional freedom when it comes to placement. You can install your speakers high up on a wall where you wouldn't normally because of the speaker wires and are free to move them about as you see fit. Wireless speakers are ideal for those that cannot install wires in their walls, either through architectural barriers such as double-brick or through renting the property.

Wireless Speakers: The Disadvantages

Unfortunately, what wireless speakers have to offer by way of versatility is immediately cancelled out in terms of pure functionality. One of the major issues that you'll run into with wireless speakers is often a slight audio delay that may fluctuate depending on the source. Audio information needs to be transmitted wirelessly in order to reach the speakers, similar to the way your router transmits a wireless Internet signal. Because of this, you may experience a delay at certain times where the audio is a few beats behind or ahead of the image that you're watching. It isn't the biggest deal in the world, but it's enough to take you out of the experience, as opposed to placing a set of JENSEN X-7 floor standing speakers beside your television.

Because wireless speakers are also responsible for wireless transmission, you may also run into interference issues with other pieces of wireless equipment in your home. If you're running into problems with your speakers and just can't figure out why, anything from your wireless router to your mobile phone could be to blame if it's broadcasting on the same frequency that the speakers are.

Perhaps the biggest downside, however, is one of power. Wireless speakers just don't pack the punch that their full-sized alternatives do. They may in the next few years as technology continues to advance, but for true audiophiles they currently leave a bit to be desired. Compared with a pair of JENSEN Elite 303 in wall speakers, there really isn’t much to compare. These are our flagship in wall speakers and don’t only look stunning with their glass panels, but pack a punch while also eliminating the need for a centre speaker. A real beauty with a beast!

The fact of the matter is that wireless speakers certainly have a lot to offer by way of convenience, but they still have a long way to go in terms of the audio quality that you're looking for. If you're truly trying to recreate the home theater experience in the comfort of your own home, floor standing speakers, in-wall speakers or in-ceiling speakers from JENSEN would definitely be the way to go.