About Us

First arriving in 1987 in Australia, the Jensen brand has become the market leader with a proud history in designing and manufacturing quality Speaker systems for the home. 

Speaker Design has evolved – big time! Every year, every day, sound gets more high-tech. Digital recordings through to full blown Blue-Ray Home Theatre – all create the need for quality home theatre speakers capable of reproducing high-powered, detailed digital effects in sync with seamless Hi-fi acoustics with state of the art build quality.

JENSEN is serious about sound – and design. We absolutely Love the In-Wall and In-Ceiling concept using Glass and how that looks beside today's spectacular looking LED/OLED/4K Large screen TV's. Soundbar boxes sound ordinary and look cumbersome but JENSEN In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers are artistic, minimalistic AND sound amazing. In any Wall or any Ceiling.

While most companies are cutting corners to cheapen build cost, we have actually gone the other way. Building In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers for the last 14 years, we know that by using higher quality components and materials, we can achieve advanced sound performance by fitting Premium In-Wall/Ceiling speakers into wall and ceiling cavities. Our company designs in-house, has a Premium state-of-the-art manufacturing with German influence, and taken build quality to the next level.

It is a fact that there are more JENSEN speaker systems in Australian homes than any other brand. Why? Quite simply, JENSEN provides excellent value combined with state of the art designs and performance thanks to an amazing commitment to research, development and build quality. It’s no wonder they continue to be market leaders.