Common Mistakes When Setting Up A Home Theater System

Even the best JENSEN in wall speakers or in ceiling speakers will only serve you so well if you fail to properly set up your home theater system in the first place. If you get everything hooked up and installed and find that your favorite content doesn't sound quite right, it's likely because you made one of a few common mistakes somewhere along the way. Luckily, they all have very easy fixes.

You Bought the Wrong HDMI Cables

Every HDMI cable used to be identical to the next - but unfortunately, those days are gone in an era where integrated Ethernet and 4K support reign supreme. If there is a particularly advanced feature of your home theater system you need to be able to use (like 4K), make sure that the HDMI cable you buy actually supports that feature in the first place.

You Neglected The Speaker Phase

If you get your home theater system hooked up and experience issues with your center channel, it's probably because you didn't connect your speakers in phase. In ceiling and in wall speakers in particular must be connected in phase, which means that the positive lead on the receiver is connected to the positive lead on the speaker, the negative to the negative, etc. Double check for this common mistake before you run out and try to return anything.

You're Not Ventilating Properly

Audio and video equipment gets hot while you use it - there's pretty much no getting around this. If you install your home theater receiver in a tight cabinet with a ton of other equipment like cable boxes or game consoles, you'll likely experience a heat issue sooner rather than later. This could lead to immediate short-term problems and long-term damage if you're not careful. It is important to have an open cabinet where heat can escape or a fan to disperse heat.

You Used the Auto Calibration Incorrectly

Auto calibration for a home theater system with a Jensen subwoofer is a great, magical thing - provided that you use it right. The microphone for the auto calibration feature will need to be placed in the exact center of the sound field and the room itself should be as quiet as possible for the best results. Failing to do either one of these things will result in a weird-sounding experience the next time you throw on your favorite Blu-ray.

You Didn't Update Your Firmware at Any Point

One of the great things about modern AV equipment is that they're upgradeable, allowing them to serve you for much longer periods of time than ever before. If there's a particular Blu-ray disc that just won't seem to play, or a type of audio track your system just can't seem to get right, be sure to check for a firmware upgrade right away. Most units (both home theater systems and media players) will have an "update" feature hidden somewhere in the menu for you to use to do this exact thing.

Many common problems experienced when setting up a home theater system are easily resolved. Once they are, you will be able to experience the awesome power of your JENSEN home theater speakers. Each JENSEN speaker has 50 years of experience ingrained in it, delivering crystal sound with elegant finishes that will accentuate any decor.