No need to be shy these days.

Multi-zone audio systems are easy to set up and wonderful to use. Adding a few in-ceiling or in-wall speakers to your bedroom has never been smoother. AV receivers are ready to do anything you need them to do.

Having “audio bliss” in your most personal quarters is on the cards.

But is it worth it?

Here are three good reasons to consider…

  • Bedroom Music Sets The Mood
  • Stay Tuned While You Get Ready In Your Room
  • Enjoy The Privacy Of Your Own Micro-Theatre

Bedroom Music Sets The Mood

candle lit mood lighting

You may or may not spend a lot of time in your bedroom, but the time you do spend there is important.

It’s your space to guarantee privacy from the outside world. Your peaceful area to relax and zone out, or focus intently on reading or creative endeavors. Your cozy nook to spend time with your partner.

5 minutes of Googling will reveal countless studies that show the power of music on human mood states. For example… Carolyn Murrock from Case Western University states that “[musical compositions] play a significant role in human physiological and psychological functions.”

These effects have a direct link to mood and how we feel…

Not that you need scientific studies to tell you it feels good to have good music creating a backdrop of your relaxation time.

The moral here is if you fit out your personal space with tidy in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, you’ll get a serious boost to enjoyment of that space without any extra baggage or headaches!

Stay Tuned While You Get Ready In Your Room

stay tuned to the cricket match

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom getting adjusted and ready.

Maybe you’re getting ready for the day. Or you’re getting settled after a day of work. Or maybe you’re getting ready for your barbecue…

Regardless of which, getting ready is a task for the body but not so much for the mind.

That makes it a good opportunity to pay attention to something that matters to you.

why people are going in-ceiling

Listen to the cricket while you grab a change of clothes?

Lay down and relax in your comfy bed while gently listening to the radio?

Stay tuned with a movie the family is watching while you quickly duck into your room?

These are all great uses of a set of speakers in your bedroom.

Enjoy The Privacy Of Your Own Micro-Theatre

beautiful in wall speakers and tv

Let me introduce you to the “micro-theatre.”

That’s the TV setup you’ve got in your bedroom, where you can lay back and watch a quality flick or keep up with your favorite series…

But with crystal clear, rich sound quality while you’re at it.

There may come a day where you want to watch a new movie but your family is in the main lounge doing their own thing. That’s where the micro-theatre will hook you up. It’s your space for private viewing of movies, available whenever you want it.

To get this going you can stick with a simple pair of in-ceiling speakers and a beautiful smart screen…

Or you can take it up a notch and go with the ELITE-303 In-Wall Speakers which have a one-of-a-kind design that gives you left, right and centre channels from only 2 speakers.

If your bedroom is BIG… you can even consider adding 2 in-ceiling Atmos speakers to that.

There’s another cool benefit to the micro-theatre…

The clarity of high quality speakers will give you audible voices for your movies and TV shows. That means you’ll be able to comprehend what’s going on even at low volumes… so your system will be perfect for dozing off while casually watching something.

Out of these three benefits to having bedroom speakers, this one takes the cake.

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