Ways To Incorporate JENSEN In-Ceiling Speakers Beyond Your Home Theater

When people start looking for a set of in wall speakers, floor standing speakers or some other type of high quality audio solution, the number one use is usually the same: they're trying to accurately recreate the experience of going to the cinema in their own home and blow the roof of the place at the same time. If you're not necessarily the world's most avid cinephile or you just don't watch movies as much as you used to, it can be difficult to justify the purchase for that reason alone. Luckily, there are a number of great ways to incorporate your JENSEN in-ceiling speakers beyond the misconception that they are just for your home theater system.

The Perfect Party Accessory

Who among us hasn't fallen prey to the following scenario: you're having a bunch of people over and you want to put together just the right playlist to set the tone. However, your CD player is in just the wrong location and is a little bit too loud so any music that you put on makes it difficult to hear one another and still distribute your favorite tunes around the party equally.

JENSEN in-ceiling speakers are the perfect option to solve this problem quickly and easily. With JENSEN in-ceiling speakers, you're working with equipment that has been calibrated and installed to take full advantage of the acoustics that the room has to offer. Without worrying about constantly moving your CD player around or increasing and lowering the volume all night, you can set your music to a comfortable level at the start of the level and forget about it. Because of the placement of your speakers in strategic locations above your attendees, they'll be able to enjoy all of the latest hits without worrying about the sound being overpowering.

No Need To Speak Up

Do you have a speaker at the front door of your house so that you can quickly communicate with visitors to find out who is knocking at your door? Do you have a hard time hearing your doorbell in your living room, or have motion detectors in your yard that you're worried about missing if you get too far away?

By hooking your JENSEN home theatre speakers up to these types of systems in your home, you'll never have to worry about this type of communication ever again. When not in use as part of your home theater system, you can set your doorbell to play an alert through the in-ceiling speakers. The same goes for the communications box that you have outside your door. This way, you'll never have to worry about missing these all-important notifications ever again. You'll also extend the use of your JENSEN in-ceiling speakers and make them a more important part of your daily life.