How To Choose The Correct Speakers For Your Environment

A simple fact of the matter is that not all speakers are created equally. While investing the money in a high quality set of home theatre speakers from JENSEN will certainly allow you to achieve the immersive experience that you're going for, there are still a number of variables that you have to consider. The room that the speakers will be placed in will ultimately play a hugely important role in your final decision.

Dedicated Home Theater System Rooms

Everybody dreams of having his or her own dedicated home theatre at some point or another. If you fall squarely into this category, a set of JENSEN floor standing speakers may be just what you're after. Going above and beyond the sound quality that you'll receive, floor-standing speakers also have the important role to play of adding to the overall visual aesthetic of the room. When someone walks into your home theatre to check out that latest Hollywood blockbuster, you don't want to hide all of your equipment. That's contrary to why you wanted a dedicated room in the first place. A pair of range-topping X-7 floor standing speakers will not only give you the tight, punchy bass power and perfect sound quality that you're after, but they will truly enhance the room’s look with their gloss black piano finish. JENSEN floor standing speakers will deliver a high quality theater experience in both sound quality and aesthetics, giving you not just the effect but also the experience that you've dreamed of.

Rooms Where You'll Also Be Entertaining

If the room where your home theater system is located is also a room that doubles as a living room or other place where people gather during parties and get-together, however, floor-standing speakers might not be the way to go. When you're having people over, every inch of floor space is key to not just inviting more folks to have a good time, but also in making sure that everyone has the space to feel comfortable. Floor standing speakers are also a bold visual choice, which is one that you might not want to make during a quiet evening.

For these types of situations, JENSEN in-ceiling speakers or in wall speakers would definitely be the way to go. They still give you all of that power and oomph that you want during your favorite movie or TV show, but they're "out of sight, out of mind" when not in use. With a pair of Elite 303 in wall JENSEN speakers, you won't have to worry about moving your speakers out of the way to create additional floor space or worrying about whether or not a partygoer will accidentally knock them over, causing damage. These powerful, yet sleek, in wall speakers come with the added bonus of an inbuilt center speaker and having an amazing glass panel front. JENSEN in-ceiling speakers and in wall speakers are permanently installed in a low profile fashion, giving you the flexibility you need at all times to use the room in any way that you see fit.