X-165 Subwoofer

Sits on Floor or build into Cabinetry see Information manual pdf. The X-165 punches deep, tight and is LOUD!. 160 Watts of Down-firing 10” “Monster” driver spreads Bass throughout any medium to large room. Daisy-chain two (or more if you’re game) together for thunderous “nightclub” Bass. Designed to perform below the “echo-point” that many open plan rooms have - benefit being TIGHT PUNCHY BASS not Annoying Lingering Boom. So, if you have any (or all) polished floorboards, tile or concrete floors, high ceilings and lots of glass windows then you will love the X-165.

  • Sit on floor or build into cabinetry.
  • Glass top.
  • Ideal for rooms up to 100m2
  • Simple “ice Blue” LED recessed in front panel.
  • “Monster” 10” long-throw driver has twice the cone-travel distance than most drivers and sub drivers.
  • Due to digital sound tracks Bass is far tighter, deeper and punchier than a few years ago, 12” and 15” drivers can now be Slow and Boomy. This JENSEN 10” “Monster” driver punches out more Bass than most 12” and 15” drivers and is far quicker and tighter being smaller.
  • This 10” “Monster” driver is currently performing in over 31,700 Australian households. We encourage you to play them LOUD. Real LOUD!
  • Clever “Auto-On” feature allows X-165 to spring-to-life when signal received then reverts to stand-by and goes to sleep when signal ceases.
    Can daisy-chain as many X-165’s together as you like with a simple RCA lead. All will then perform as one. Suggest 2 or 3 -  if you’re game see!
  • Available in Gloss Black only. Perfectly suits Black Ash and Wild Cherry X-Series models.
  • 10 Year (industry first) Warranty. 1 Year amp module.