JENSEN Speakers Reviews

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A precise punchy and clean Bass Leviathan

"I recently purchased a 707 Sub. After a few quick bursts Id sooner refer to it as a dangerous Wild Beast! Seriously this thing is the Bomb. I push my Denon AVR to its limits and the 707 is begging for more. A precise punchy and clean Bass Leviathan. If you dont have one of these ....your loss!! Well done Jensen on an incredible piece of equipment."

happy to show off to my family and friends

"The JENSEN in wall and ceiling speakers are a fabulous product. Will be very happy to show off to my family and friends."

I am blown away.

"I am blown away. My Elite setup has been installed now 2 weeks and we are sitting down as a family again watching movies. Using the Glass 303’s in White Gloss up front and not needing a Centre Speaker looks awesome. We cannot be happier with our Online purchase and thank you Damien for helping us decide on this combination. I will be recommending your gear !"

Love great audio but your wife doesnt want to look at boxes and wires?

"What do you do when you and the kids love great audio but your wife doesnt want to look at boxes and wires? I started my online search with the brand I trust and have used before...Jensen. I soon came across the Elite 303's. They fit the design brief perfectly. They flush mount into the wall, (there is no need for a centre speaker as the 303's have them built in), the glass front panels look super high end and, best of all, they sound superb.I bought the 303's direct from Jensen and the experience could not have been easier. I received an order confirmation within a couple of hours with consignment tracking information and the speakers arrived within 48 hours. All the speakers come with cutting templates which makes life really easy and the build quality is what i expected from Jensen...HIGH END!"

Awesome speakers, service is even better! No fault, amazing value for money!

"Awesome sounding speakers, I got it as I was limited with space where I needed to install them but was so pleasantly surprised with the quality of sound, amazing, it will be impossible to find better speakers for the price paid.

At then the look,they look outstanding!

And now the service, the team spent hours on the phone with me giving me advice before I even purchased them, nothing guaranteed that I would have ever gone with the purchase!

Express postage, email and phone responses are instant. I accidentally broke one of the twitters during the installation process and he is going to send a replacement free of charge, not sure what else you can ask for.

Highly recommended, pair them with a nice sub and you will not be disappointed.

Cannot recommend them enough."

I will be recommending JENSEN

"I appreciated the pre-email enquiries which lead to my purchase in Black. I finally have them installed and they look great ! Better than expected with the Gloss Black Glass face panels and sound superb with my Onkyo Receiver. Thanks for your excellent customer service and products."

Ticks all the boxes

"The Hubby wanted the big sound but I wanted discreet and modern. We found the Elite-303 on the web and purchased these expecting a compromise in sound. My god ! Keith was amazed with the sound quality and punchy performance. The inbuilt Centre Speakers work well too and the long Black glass front panels look awesome. Nice product !"

Pleasantly surprised

I was hesitant with in wall speakers for my cinema room but the wife won that one. I also won after these were installed. The center channel works amazingly, clear punchy sound, I'm more than happy.

Excellent product

"I was initially concerned about how the dual centre speakers would work. Mine are 4.2 meters apart and still work really, really well. Added In ceiling speakers and TWO Subwoofers I now have my own nightclub/movie room."

Sound is huge, crystal clear and with deep Bass.

"Wow !. Just installed and I am blown away. Sound is huge, crystal clear and with deep Bass. We replaced our old Jamo boxes so my wife loves the extra room. Nice gear JENSEN and 2 day delivery was cool too!"

Transformed our TV experience

We recently got the Jensen Elite 303 in wall speakers along with some ceiling speakers and are truly blown away with the sound. It completely changed the whole TV watching experience.

Great product. Excellent quality.

"The elite 303 in wall speakers fitted perfectly and look amazing with my home theatre system. The sound quality is better than i imagined for a very reasonable price. The built in centre speakers are a great idea and work really well."

What can I say except…WOW!! :)

"Thank you to Damien for offering me the upgrade to the new EHT-707 SUB!!!!"

The sound and performance from the speakers has really blown us away.

"After a few people told me I would lose quality due to the speakers being set into the ceiling/walls. I can say that nothing is lost and the sound a quality is more then any other speaker I have ever had. Yes, these people are also blown away, from the sound and performance, the styling and how sleek they look."

Perfect home theatre speaker solution

"I am extremely happy with the Jensen Elite-303 In Wall Speakers for a refresh of my home theatre speakers setup. The Elite-303 are easy to install with good instructions and appropriate templates. The speakers appear robust and very well made and sound excellent. The addition of the integrated centre speaker into the left and right main speakers makes for a very clean and minimalist home theatre."

Very impressive JENSEN.

"I am an Interior Designer by profession and was amazed at how nice my new Elite 303’s in Black looks. Speaker design has changed!"

Great Functional Speakers

"We have just installed the Jensen Elite-303 speakers in the walls... It was a huge bonus that we could get a front set of speakers into the internal wall cavity (and that I didn't need a separate centre speaker) so we didn't have to have speakers scattered all over the floor for the 2 year old to put his fingers in. Also with such thin speakers I wasn't expecting much in the way of sound quality but was really impressed with the audio that these speakers produced. They look great and blended into the wall so they don't look like blobs hanging next to the TV."

Absolutely Amazing!!

"These speakers are absolutely amazing!!! No matter what you throw at these speakers they accept and love it!! And they look fantastic and are easy to install. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for great in-wall/ceiling speaker!! I myself am currently building a new house and will certainly be investing in a Jensen system."

Not often in todays world does a bit of tech match the sales pitch online, Jensen is different

"I am no Audiophile, that said I have now setup 7 home theaters and the last 4 including my current has used Jensen products. This time I have opted to use sound insulation in the walls and 14 gauge oxygen free cable married to the Jensen Elite 303 front and in-ceiling rears. Result is an experience of quality musical and sound effect reproduction in a room with good acoustics, and the key point is I have been able reproduce it at home at low cost."

Very Happy!!

"Being already armed with the Elite-303 as my front speakers and being very happy with that product, to complete my 5.1.2 home theater seup in readiness for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X I decided to purchase these Jensen in-wall speakers. Just like their 303 siblings these don't disappoint with the same clear crisp sound of the 303's. What I particularly liked from an ascetic perspective is the speaker grills/face plate is identically matched to the Elite 303's giving a uniform look to my installation. Very Happy!!"

The Glass panels look amazing and they sound awesome.

"I recently got a new TV and a friend recommended your JENSEN Elite-303 Glass In-wall speakers. I purchased Online and installed last Friday. The Glass panels look amazing and they sound awesome. I am rapt!!"

A Great surprise

"Truly remarkable speakers that provide a clear sound for an amazingly competitive price. I love the fact that these speakers remove the need for a center speaker. Beautifully discreet they are a vast improvement on tower speakers."

Real review from a techie.

"The Good -
- The other reviews are mostly accurate in describing the quality. I'm no audiophile but I believe there great speakers and sound good especially since my installation required a center speaker in a wall.
- I have no lip sync issues.
- The thin nature of the speakers make it work in tight places.
- The speakers housing feels strong and the connections can take quite large cables.
- Installation is as simple as pretty much all other speakers I have installed in the past.
- Included template made it easier to cut and install.
- Shipping by Jensen was fast.

The not so Good -
- No pictures online showed this issue but the back of the glass fascia sits approx 1cm of the wall. If you walk past your speakers side on it is noticeable. Not enough to make me return the speakers by any means.
- The housing colour that comes with the black fascia is actually a light cream to white colour. Again this makes a difference if you look at it side on. The walls I have a black so it looks like a white strip down the side.
- To cover the colour of the housing is a black semi sticky fabric that goes on the inside of the grill on the fascia. On opening the box one was positioned as it was supposed to. The other had fallen apart and was slightly crumpled. I repositioned it and placed it back on. It fell down within a week and I had to reposition it again.

Conclusion -
This type of speaker which includes a center speak is not common which makes it more appealing. It also looks very modern and the issues I have mentioned are extremely minor in nature. If not walking directly parallel to the speakers the issues above are basically negated. The speakers sit beside a 120" projector screen and I still don't have any lip sync issues."

Excellent Speakers - Surround Sound Full Room - RECOMMEND

"I am really pleased with the quality and clarity of my Jensen Elite 303 In Wall Speakers. The sound is amazing and combined with dolby 7.1, the experience is like I was there!"