How to install in-wall speakers - DIY Elite-203 Installation

These speakers are designed for simple DIY installation. If unsure any handyman, electrician, or professional installer can assist. Please contact us for referrals if needed.


For Stereo use: 1.2 meters apart is minimum required for Stereo Separation. Between 1.2 ~ 4.0 meters apart is ideal. On vertical plane, Tweeter direction is adjustable so 1.0 ~ 2.5 meters from floor is ideal.

For Home Theatre use: As per above. 100 ~ 350 mm gap between Glass and TV is recommended. If locating at rear, in grid with front Left and Right In-Wall speakers is excellent but not imperative. Spacing greater than 1.2 meters apart is ideal.

Cutout location must be free of wall studs, noggins, and bracing. If unsure, Stud Finders are perfect to determine this. Cutout location must be minimum of 25 mm from a stud, noggin, or bracing for Elite-203 dog-clamp fixings to swing and clamp rear of gyprock/plaster.

If unsure any handyman, electrician or professional installer can assist here.

Using Template (supplied)

Use the supplied template and trace along the perforated line.

Ensure your markings are level. Use a spirit/bubble level to be sure.

Cutting the Wall:

Using the appropraite wall-cutting tool, blade or Stanley knife, accurately cut the hole in the wall Gyprock/plaster.

Once cut-out complete, remove any insulation from this area only. Insulation in wall is welcomed but not in the immeadiate speaker area.

Installing Speaker Leads:

  • From your AV Receiver run a speaker cable thru the wall/ceiling/floor to each Left and Right speaker. At cut-out end, leave enough slack in wire so that it can hang out of hole.
  • Try to keep Speaker Leads same length – even if one speaker is closer to AV Receiver.
  • Use 16 Gauge Speaker lead for runs up to 10 meters. Otherwise 14 gauge for longer.
  • Important: Ensure both ends of all Speaker Lead connect positive to positive (RED to RED) and negative to negative (BLACK to BLACK).

Mounting Speakers

  • Remove any insulation completely away from Speaker area. Insulation elsewhere is fine.
  • Insert speaker into hole ensuring Speaker wire is away from back of cone to avoid a possible rattle.
  • Using Phillips head screwdriver, tighten the 8 dog-clamp screws until you feel Dog Clamps take grip (9~10 full turns) against back of gyprock/plaster.
  • At this point you can see the gap between Speaker Frame and wall/ceiling close fully.
  • Then, nip these up – do not over -tighten.

Main Tips:

  • Use a Stud Finder to Pre-plan your locations.
  • Use Laser level or Spirit level to ensure template is perfectly level.
  • Both ends of Speaker Leads must be Pos (+) to Pos (+) & Neg (-) to Neg (-)
  • Do not use Battery Drill.