Home Theatre System for Australia

Perhaps the biggest benefit that JENSEN's line of high quality home theatre speakers brings to the table is one of flexibility. Regardless of the type of viewing or listening environment you have JENSEN as an option to both meet those needs and deliver the type of superior performance that you can depend on without the clutter. Jensen Speakers can replicate the movie experience through our home theatre system.

JENSEN in-ceiling speakers, for example, come in four different models for you to choose from for performance that is both discreet and powerful at the same time. Many don't even require a subwoofer at all. All have paintable fascias, perfect for large rooms that double as both screening areas and entertaining spaces.

JENSEN in-wall speakers are perfectly designed to complement the look and feel of modern big screen TVs and Projector screens. Discreet in design but earth-shattering in performance, these are perfect for dedicated home entertainment rooms or screening rooms where you want total immersion, but where floor space is also at a premium.

In-Wall Speakers

The new JENSEN® in-wall speakers bring an unrivalled combination of audio performance & minimalism to your home theatre & multi-room audio systems. Big screen TVs have evolved and finally, in-wall speaker systems have too.

In-Ceiling Speakers

JENSEN® legendary performance now invisible & built into your ceiling. Choose for ATMOS, rear home theater, multi-room audio or outdoor alfresco use. 

Home Theatre Subwoofer 

JENSEN’s new EHT-707 Home Theatre Subwoofer is designed for Bass Lovers, built like a tank and a 10 Year Warranty stands by that. It loves being played LOUD all night long.