Jensen Zero Clutter Home Theatre Systems For Australia

High-performance sound meets beautiful home design

The home theatre industry offers plenty to choose from, but there’s one crucial thing it gets terribly wrong: Your home design.

You can bring awe-inspiring depth and beautiful clarity of sound into your home and preserve your dream home design at the same time. You just need performance quality in-built speakers.

Unlike common in-ceiling speakers you find in restaurants and hotel lobbies, Jensen in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are built using high quality materials. Each speaker is engineered to sound as good as a box speaker — even cumbersome floorstanders.

The range is perfect for 5.1, 7.1, ATMOS or any surround sound system. Our in-wall models offer our best home theatre sound, which you can mix with in-ceiling speakers to complete the setup.

All the immersive, 3D home theatre sound…

None of the big boxes, hanging cables, trip hazards or cleaning headaches.

All Jensen products are backed by an unconditional up to 5-year warranty!

Browse the range below to see how you can create a modern space in your home that will entertain beyond your wildest dreams!

In-Wall Speakers

The new JENSEN® in-wall speakers bring an unrivalled combination of audio performance & minimalism to your home theatre & multi-room audio systems. Big screen TVs have evolved and finally, in-wall speaker systems have too.

In-Ceiling Speakers

JENSEN® legendary performance now invisible & built into your ceiling. Choose for ATMOS, rear home theater, multi-room audio or outdoor alfresco use. 

Home Theatre Subwoofer 

JENSEN’s new EHT-707 Home Theatre Subwoofer is designed for Bass Lovers, built like a tank and a 10 Year Warranty stands by that. It loves being played LOUD all night long.

Do in-wall and in-ceiling speakers sound good?

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers have been around for a long time. You often see them in cafes, restaurants, lobbies, or gyms. You may have even seen them in homes.

The unfortunate fact about these speakers is that they tend to sound ordinary.

Since they’re intended for commercial settings, the makers don’t bother spending extra on responsive materials. Or engineering them for performance sound. That’s because people in commercial settings only need background music.

When you decide to invest in a home theatre system at home… you don’t want ordinary sound. You want extraordinary sound.

You want tight, responsive acoustic materials for a rich, clear sound. And you want tested and fine tuned speakers that create an amazing audio image.

This is what we set out to do with the Jensen in-wall and in-ceiling speaker line…

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers can sound amazing!

They consist of speaker drivers, crossover components, and housing materials much like any speaker on the market.

The only difference is that Jensen premium home theatre systems are installed into your walls or ceilings. Those surfaces in your home become the speaker box that provides tight, responsive audio quality.

Quality in-built speakers are the best option for 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 home theatre sound that looks great!

For the best performance from our range of speakers take a look at the Elite-303 in-wall speakers. They’re our audio quality flagship.

Setting up my home theatre system:
Aren’t in-built speakers hard to install?

One major downside to using in-wall or in-ceiling speakers is, obviously, that they must be installed.

The good news is this process is not hard to do.

The vast majority of our customers install their own in-wall or in-ceiling speakers without any experience.

The process includes:

  • Choosing the best place for your speakers (we’ll show you) and marking the location with the template we provide.
  • Cutting out where the speaker will go and a small spot where your amplifier will go.
  • Running cables from each speaker cutout to the amplifier cutout.
  • Attaching the cables using push-button terminals and screwing the speakers in place.

Each simple step is described in detail in the install manual we provide with every product.

Plus: If for any reason you don’t want to install them yourself, we have an installer network that we can recommend to do it for you.

Do I need a subwoofer?

Some people get subwoofers for their systems. Others do not.

How do you decide if you should get one? Here’s what you need to know:

The Jensen in-wall and in-ceiling speakers all play low frequencies and provide a solid bass response. Many of our clients are overjoyed with how deep they go without a sub.

But the fact is, subsonics are very hard to produce from a speaker that plays mid-frequencies.

Those low frequencies that you FEEL require a big speaker driver. And they require a separate amplifier in most cases.

Hence why subwoofers are so popular for the true home cinema experience.

The moral of the story is: A subwoofer will always improve the feeling you get from movies and music.

The question is… how much do you care about huge subsonic bass?

If you’re a die hard fan of big bass, you’ll most definitely want a subwoofer. The Jensen Subwoofer rocks the bottom end (check it out here).

If you’re not sure… just hold off until your main speakers are set up. You might find the bass is deep and powerful enough. And you can always add a subwoofer down the road.