5.1 Speaker System

Use this diagram to understand where each speaker is meant to go for your Dolby configuration.

Remember: You can always add a second subwoofer to make it a “.2” system.

ATMOS and DTS:X height channels are shown in red.

You want to direct your left and right front speakers towards a point behind your central seating spot. This will give you the best stereo image. For in-wall speakers, point the tweeters here. For in-ceiling, install their built-in tilt towards here.

5.1 In Wall Speaker System with Sub

The Jensen line of in-wall speakers have “perfect centre speaker” technology that creates a clear centre channel without actually having a centre speaker.
The front in-wall speakers in this diagram actually represent 3 channels.

5.1 In Ceiling Speaker System with Sub

This system requires 2 speakers in the ceiling right behind your main seated area. 

5.1.2 Speaker System with Sub

5.1.2 In Ceiling Speakers System with sub