Why Are JENSEN Elite-303's the 'Holy Grail' of In-Wall Speakers?

When you purchase a set of JENSEN floor standing speakers, in-ceiling speakers or even a subwoofer, your ultimate goal is always the same: you want the "best of the best." You want something that will not only make your favorite films and television shows come to life, but that will truly be worth the investment and will show off your system in a big way to all of your friends and family members. If you're putting together a home theater system and are looking for the holy grail of in wall speakers, look no farther than the JENSEN Elite-303 for a number of important reasons.


One of the major reasons why the JENSEN Elite-303 series is considered the "holy grail" of in wall speakers for many audiophiles has to do with the unparalleled level of flexibility that they provide. Rather than trying to properly size, position and install front left, front center and front right speakers for your home theater system, the JENSEN Elite-303 series speakers each contain a center channel build right in. This eliminates the need for a separate center speaker in the first place, providing you with the clean look you've always wanted and the unforgettable power that you've come to demand.

Incredible Accuracy

When putting together a home theater system, one of the most important elements to focus on is the design of your sound field. If everything goes as it should, all of your speakers should essentially create a "box" of sound around the viewers, putting them right in the center of the action regardless of content. The JENSEN Elite-303 include 28mm silk dome eyeball tweeters which are not only the biggest in the business, but that also help to guarantee the clean, accurate high frequencies that will make all of your favorite films and television shows sound better than ever. The best part of all is that by their very nature the eyeball tweeters are adjustable, letting you direct those high frequencies towards the specific part of your room where you'll be sitting for maximum accuracy at all times.

Taking Your Environment Into Consideration

Another major benefit of the JENSEN Elite-303 is that they include twin "set and forget" acoustic tuning switches, allowing you to accurately adjust the performance of each unit depending on the acoustics of the room you'll be putting them in. No two rooms are created in quite the same way as far as acoustics are concerned, which means that the same speakers would sound dramatically different in your office versus your living room versus something like a large lounge area. Each speaker in the JENSEN Elite-303 series can be set independently of one another with the flick of a switch, giving you the ability to adjust sound output based on how you actually plan to use each one!

When considering speakers for your home theater set up, you can’t go past JENSEN speakers. We sell a great range of high quality floor standing speakers, in-ceiling speakersin wall speakers and ground-shaking subwoofers! With perfect sound and elegant finishes, you can’t beat JENSEN speakers.