How many speakers do I need for music?

If you want an audio system that will deliver rich, awe-inspiring sound for movies and music and you want it to be nearly invisible…

…performance in-ceiling speakers are one of the best choices you can make.

If you’re planning a system of in-ceiling speakers, you’re probably asking yourself: How many speakers do I need for my room?

To make planning your in-ceiling speaker system as easy for you as possible, we created a handy calculator.

It will serve as your ceiling speaker placement guide.

You provide the dimensions of the entertainment space you want to fill with music, and the calculator will tell you how many speakers you need.

Before you use the calculator I want to show you why some ceiling speakers are better than others, and why you’ll get a far better experience if you make the right choice.

Why are directional in-ceiling speakers better?

If you’ve ever been in a fancy restaurant listening to some calming background tunes, and you looked up to see an in-ceiling speaker above you… you were probably looking at a “downward firing” speaker.

This means the speaker cone points straight downward from where it’s installed. The sound disperses evenly in all directions around that speaker.

Unfortunately, this design has a few disadvantages…

For one, you can’t install these too close to walls.

If you do, you end up with noisy reflections that spoil the audio quality to anyone near the wall.

Two, the speaker covers a lot less area than it would if it were pointed into the room more.

And three, there are fewer areas in the room where you can get a good stereo image.

These speakers are good for cafes and restaurants, but they seriously lack potential when it comes to at-home systems.

Our line of performance in-ceiling speakers feature a distinct advantage here.

They’re all built to fire at a 15 degree angle into the room.

This means you can: 

  • Install much closer to walls for a tighter look, while avoiding noisy audio reflections.
  • Hear clearer 3D sound when playing movies and music in stereo.
  • Cover more than 10% more room area with sound, per speaker.

Think of any time you’ve ever listening to a speaker. You may have noticed that it only sounds good when it’s pointed AT you… not when it’s pointed AWAY from you.

Then why would you want the speakers in your home to point at the floor? You can only fully enjoy them when you’re roughly underneath them…

But if they’re firing into the room, like musicians on a stage playing out to the audience, you’re going to get a MUCH better experience.

Click here to see what directional in-ceiling speakers look like.

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