Internet Connectivity For Your Home Theater - A Match Made In Heaven

Like most people, you invested the money in a set of JENSEN floor standing speakers, in-ceiling speakers or in wall speakers for one very specific reason: you wanted the best. You love movies, television, and music and you want to be able to recreate the experience and the feeling you get down at your local   Gold Class Village Cinema in the comfort of your own home as accurately as possible. By embracing modern advancements like an Internet connection built into your home theater system or home theater receiver, you're actually accomplishing one better - you're creating an experience that any local cinema or art house can't come close to matching.

All Content, All the Time

One of the major benefits of Internet connectivity for your home theater system has to do with breaking down the boundaries between you and the content you love so much. No longer do you have to run down to the local video store to rent the latest Video Easy (not that too many of those even exist anymore) or even spend days waiting for your online order to arrive. Thanks to streaming services like Netflix and digital lockers like Ultraviolet, any movie that you want to watch is only a few seconds away. While streaming technology used to offer an inferior experience to home media, the tides have turned in recent years. Many providers are now offering ultra-high quality 4K streams of certain types of content, allowing you to see the crisp picture and experience the rich audio quality that you're after. 4K content is actually one thing that home media cannot match in any way, as no format exists to take full advantage of everything that it has to offer - yet.

Home Connectivity

Think about all of the different devices in your home that are connected to your Internet access point. If you're like most people, you probably have few movies stored on a hard drive on your computer, your music collection on an iPod or iPhone, pictures on a digital camera and more. Everything is always within arm's reach, but everything is also spread across many different devices.

With an Internet connected home theater system, all of these devices essentially work together to become one thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web. You don't have to worry about whether you have the right cable to hook your iPhone up to your receiver the next time you create a playlist for a party you're having - you can tap a button and your favorite songs can be playing through your new JENSEN EHT-3 In-ceiling speakers on the alfresco in an instant. Your home theater system becomes the central access point for every piece of content in your home, giving you the power to enjoy what you want, whenever you want it in stunning JENSEN high quality surround sound.