Jensen Speakers Sound

Ordering what you need online comes with a ton of upside.

But there’s also the downside of placing your order BEFORE you have a chance to try anything out…

Speakers are no exception.

It’s clear from photos that Jensen speakers look great as they blend into whatever home design you desire, tidy and out-of-the-way…

…but how do they sound?

To sum it up, Jensen speakers give you Explosive Home Theatre:

Explosive… delivering dynamic sound efficiently and effortlessly.

Home… blending easily into your home environment.

Theatre… creating a massive soundstage that pulls you into a real cinema experience.

This article will dive into the details of how the Jensen range of speakers sound — backed up with proof — so you can make the best decision for you.

  • Why The Jensen Sound Is Unique
  • What Jensen Speakers Sound Like
  • What Is The Jensen Audio Experience Like?

Why The Jensen Sound Is Unique

Jensen Speakers Vintage to New

Over 30 years ago Jensen Speakers was founded in Australia, backed by a passion for amazing sound reproduction.

Back then and today, our products have been designed primarily for home theatre. But they have detail and harmonics that make them awesome for music as well.

The key is in the creative process. Jensen speakers are not built from “stock components” that other brands have access to. Our team of engineers and designers create unique, proprietary designs for sound performance and tidy looks.

There’s nothing out there anything like one of our Jensen speakers.

Because of this dedicated design and manufacturing process — and because we now sell directly to our customers, cutting out the middle-man — we’re able to offer speakers with sound performance that’s as good as other speakers twice the price or more.

So we’re offering a high performance to price ratio.

In the next section we’ll take a closer look at characteristics of the Jensen sound performance.

What Jensen Speakers Sound Like

home theatre system

Jensen is known for an exciting, explosive home theatre sound.

When you browse the library of listener feedback for each model of speaker, you find this is how people describe the sound (more on that below).

But when you stand back and break the performance down you also find a few key traits:


To create the best home theatre experience, audible human voices is non-negotiable.

You have to be able to understand what’s being said during a movie. That includes quiet scenes, or times where you need to keep the volume down a bit.

This means that a certain level of detail is ideal. Speakers that can produce good amounts of detail at lower volume levels require tight, responsive speaker drivers (the part that moves the air).

Jensen speakers are designed to suit this purpose: to produce audible and clear human voices, even at lower volumes.

(As a side-effect, this means clear details can be heard in music and vivid action scenes feel like you’re actually there.)


Another desirable side effect of a detailed sound is separation.

When speakers can respond quickly to an audio signal, different sounds start to sound “separate.” This creates an incredible sense of realism and a brilliant soundstage.

(Soundstage is when your system makes it sound like there are noises in different parts of the room. “Stereo image” and “audio image” refer to this same thing. It’s the key to an amazing surround sound experience!)


What the Jensen performance does NOT necessarily do is produce extremely tiny details (like a clarinet player scooting their chair in an auditorium).

 There’s a reason for this. Extreme details are great for audiophile systems, playing super-resolution music (like 32-bit 768 kHz — very rare formats) that has been recorded for maximum fidelity…

 …but they make most recordings sound harsh. (Especially movies.)

Jensen speakers have been tuned to produce the right amount of detail for most listening situations, while curbing the “tinny” and clinical edges that can be unpleasant. No meaningful detail is left out… but sibilance and harshness have been smoothed away.


By smoothing things in the right places, Jensen speakers can be played loud and listened to for a long time without fatiguing the ears.

This is great for long action flicks and epic movie marathons.

Another intentional and important design feature of the Jensen speaker range is the use of efficient electronics.

This keeps the impedance spec *slightly* lower than that of most speakers so they can perform great from lower volume levels. It also adds to the longevity of the product — the Jensen engineers have over-engineered these speakers to last a long time.

Richness & harmonics

There’s another upside to tuning speakers so they don’t have an excessive amount of detail… which most people describe as warmth.

A warm sound is a rich, full sound that carries tons of emotion and gives you goosebumps.

A cold, acoustically “dead” space used to record voices and instruments might provide shocking realism. But is it actually realistic? If you attend a live show or, experience anything in life really, you hear a combination of sound from the source AND from the environment.

That combination of stimuli create an energetic kind of realism that’s much more emotional. You especially FEEL the harmony of sounds coming from the mid-range and bass.

The pride-and-joy characteristic of the Jensen range is this explosive, rich warmth… it makes movies and exciting music MUCH more immersive and fun.

jensen speakers

The combination of “just-right” detail and clarity with rich warmth means the Jensen performance is balanced and versatile.

You get great performance…

  • At night when every else is asleep,
  • When everyone gets together to catch the latest flick, and
  • When you need pumping tunes for your next party.

But don’t just take it from us.

The only real way to be sure about the Jensen performance is by taking it from people like you who are using Jensen speakers.

What Is The Jensen Audio Experience Like?

man being blown away by home theatre sound

Our speaker range has been built to perform so home theatre enthusiasts can get the best possible experience.

You can find a library of sound-quality feedback for each model in the range by browsing the Jensen website. But to give you a sense of how these speakers perform, here are some real life experiences:

Dave S. on the ELITE-203 in-wall speakers:

"Wow! Just installed and I am blown away. Sound is huge, crystal clear and with deep bass. We replaced our old [speaker brand] boxes so my wife loves the extra room.”

Colin B. on the ELITE-303 in-wall speakers:

“Outstanding Sound Quality… I was presently surprised with the warmth of the sound with no distortion to mid or bass with crisp treble. Perfectly matched the four other Jensen ceiling mounted speakers for my 7.1 stereo.”

Chris T. on the ELITE-303 in-wall speakers:

“I am an installer of A/V equipment and I always highly recommend the Jensen range[…] The dialogue imaging is great when watching movies and when listening to music the stereo image is also great. The frequency response is nice and balanced and quiet surprising for a in wall speaker.” “Customers are saying things like ‘My music sounds different! There are instruments there that I have never really noticed before.’ If you are after a minimalist look without sacrificing sound quality and after ‘Bang for ya Buck’ these are for you!”

Graham M. on the EHT-3 in-ceiling speakers:

“Due to the directional design of these speakers, one can set them up to all face the central seating position. Down firing speakers in atmos are lost unless you are sitting pretty close under them. These are perfect and you can hear every detail as it is fired directly at you.”

Barry A. on the EHT-9 in-ceiling speakers:

“EHT-9’s for inside absolutely crank and my EHT-8’s for outside have been installed now for 4yrs and are still delivering great precision sound... highly recommend Jensen for service and quality products👍"

Michael on the EHT-9 in-ceiling speakers:

“I was a bit worried that they would stand out as they are bigger in dimension than I originally thought, but with their covers on they blend in well. They give a full sound and are more "open" than I thought giving a good surround experience to all chairs in our space. Thanks Jensen - well done!”

Aiden M. on the ELITE-404 in-ceiling speakers:

“Combined with a 5.1 yamaha system these things definitely take our sound stage to another level. Easily worth the money in my opinion.”

Rhys Gutterson on the ELITE-404 in-ceiling speakers:

 “Amazing value and amazing sound. You will not be disappointed with these speakers. They look amazing and they sound even better. I have two in my alfresco area and they seriously pump.

Mark Harris on the ELITE-404 in-ceiling speakers:

“I was a bit concerned when I purchased them because I could not find any reviews at the time, but went ahead with the purchase because I have a set of Jensen main front speakers which are also very good. Anyone that reviews these speakers in a negative way has them set up incorrectly. They have great bass for a ceiling speaker compared to any other ceiling speaker I have heard, especially for the price.”

Glen Johnston on the ELITE-404 in-ceiling speakers:

“After installing them and hearing their capabilities, I'm 100% satisfied with the price of these speakers! Crisp, clear sound with plenty of bass.

home theatre system