Why Calibration Matters For Your JENSEN Home Theater Speakers

Once you've installed your brand new, state-of-the-art JENSEN home theater speakers, there is still one incredibly important step that you need to take to help get that crystal clear audio experience you've been wanting. Calibration isn't just recommended for your new JENSEN home theater speakers - it is a more than worthy investment for a number of key reasons.

Why is Calibration Necessary?

Part of the reason why calibration is necessary at all has to do with how the home electronics business works. When something like a home theater system is manufactured, it isn't configured to sound as good as possible in a home environment because this isn’t necessarily where it will end up first. They're configured to "strut their stuff" in a retail environment. Think of the last electronics store you went into - they tend to be loud environments with a lot of activity going on alongside tens of televisions and music systems vying for your attention. A home theater system will have to work extra hard to stand out in a crowd. These are hardly the intimate environments that you'll have in your home.

If you've ever plugged in a home theater system and thought that it was a bit too loud or that voices seemed a bit tinny, this is why. Thankfully, speaker calibration will get you right where you need to be. This doesn't mean that anything is "broken" or that you've been duped - this is just how the business works. Speaker calibration will customize a speaker system for you based on listening position, room dimensions, and the number of speakers in your system.

Tips for Better, Higher Quality Speaker Calibration

If you're going to be making use of the "automatic speaker calibration" feature of your amplifier when hooking up your JENSEN home theater speakers, there are a few key pointers you'll want to keep in mind. Auto speaker calibration is definitely not a "magic bullet" - you still have to take the proper factors into consideration ahead of time.

The success of auto calibration depends heavily on your environment. So make sure not only that your room is as quiet as you can get it, but that the auto calibration microphone is placed in the exact center of the sound field that your in wall speakers or in ceiling speakers are creating, or in your favored seating position. Also make sure that all of your speakers are set up correctly ahead of time (meaning that the red and black lines of each wire are correctly plugged into the red and black lines on each corresponding speaker) to avoid unforeseen issues down the road.

If you're going to be manually calibrating everything, remember that placement always matters. Make sure that your speakers are placed in the right locations FIRST and THEN calibrate, as moving a speaker later can throw all of your previous efforts out of sync. Also, make sure that all speakers are directed towards the center of the sound field to help give you that warm, quality and uniform coverage that you're after.

If you're uncomfortable performing calibration on your own, you can always enlist the help of a professional. These pros have their own equipment to help guarantee the perfect results you're after.

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