Subwoofer Speakers

Have you ever enjoyed a blockbuster Hollywood film at a friend's house and wondered why it sounded deeper, more powerful and vibrant than it does when you watch it yourself? The answer is simple: your friend's home theatre system had powerful subwoofer speakers that added that extra boom that you've been searching for.

A single JENSEN subwoofer speaker option is capable of offering huge performance - some models are best suited for environments of up to 100 square metres or more depending on the situation. Subwoofer speakers are not technically dedicated speakers on their own. Instead, they're designed to compliment the existing JENSEN speakers that you already have in your home theatre system and will help you take your own entertainment system as close as it can go to recreating the enormity of the cinema experience right there in the comfort of your own home.

Complete your home theatre movie experience by adding some much-needed boom to your room with a JENSEN subwoofer today!

EHT-707 Subwoofer
  • 160 Watt RMS (300 Peak)
  • Hi-excursion 10 down-firing driver
  • Matt black paint, cloth and glass finishes
  • Suits Music of Explosive Home Theatre
  • Glass top
  • Huge performance
  • Floor or build into cabinet
  • Suits rooms up to 100m2
  • 10 Year Warranty (1 on amp)
RRP: $949.00
$849.00 ea
2-4 days door to door
Elite 606 Subwoofer White
  • 140 Watt RMS & 8 Monster driver
  • Modern, compact design
  • Suits rooms up to 58m2
  • Floor or build into Cabinet
  • White Piano finish
RRP: $799.00
$540.00 ea
2-4 days door to door
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