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Jensen Home Theatre Packages

The Best Performance For Any Budget — Backed By Legendary Customer Support

In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers Unlike Anything Else On The Market

The no-clutter and low-maintenance alternative to “box speakers” for amazingly clear, rich, and explosive home cinema sound.

Why should you go with in-built speakers?

Jaw-dropping home audio performance is nothing new, but for ages it has required big box speakers. You end up with great sound at home, but in the process you spoil your home design. When you work hard to create a living space you can be proud of… this compromise is hard to make.

Enter in-built, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. They sit flush with your walls and ceilings, completely out of the way. The trouble is, most in-built speakers are meant for commercial use… like hotel lobbies and cafes. They tend to lack richness and have harsh sounding “highs,” making people believe in-built speakers can’t sound as good as box speakers.The truth is, they can. The solution is using in-built speakers designed specifically for home cinema performance.

When you choose Jensen’s performance dedicated in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, you make no compromise in sound. But you still get… 

  • Nearly invisible speakers that don’t occupy space in your room.
  • Everything hidden, including cables, for zero clutter convenience.
  • No need to move (or dust) boxes, wires, or anything else.
  • Clean, modern design that blends in nicely with any home decor.
  • Convenient wireless control of your seamless, audio ecosystem.

Why is Jensen the best choice for in-built home theatre?

We have decades of research and development behind our speakers. Each one of our products is the end result of hundreds of tiny improvements — in materials, crossover configurations, voice coil designs — and our focus on in-built speakers brings this performance to people who care about the design of their homes.

Even better is the fact that we develop and build our products, then offer them directly to you the consumer. Because of this, we bring lower prices for higher performance audio products that are built to last. To get the same performance from other brands you end up paying as much as double.

More than just top quality in-built speakers at excellent prices, our customer support is second to none.

  • We respond to all enquiries in a timely manner with consistent follow through to make sure you get the help you need.
  • We design our products to be user friendly and as easy to install.
  • We offer a tremendous amount of easy to read resources to guide you through any step of an audio journey (not the jargon heavy leaflets and mind-numbing “help page” support you get from almost every other brand).

ELITE-303 In-Wall Speakers

  • Our flagship in-wall speakers that compete with bulky floorstanders.
  • No need for a centre speaker thanks to the Perfect Centre Speaker technology.
  • Powerful five-driver array for exceptional performance.

ELITE-203 In-Wall Speakers

  • In-wall speakers with “bookshelf speaker” performance.
  • Seamless style that matches the ELITE-303 speakers.

ELITE-404 In-Ceiling Speakers

  • Flush, ceiling mounted speakers with rich sound and clarity.
  • Directional tilt built in to simulate ear-level speakers.
  • Beautiful, modern glass rimmed face matches the ELITE in-wall series.

EHT-9 In-Ceiling Speakers

  • Identical to the ELITE-404 speakers only without the glass rim (grille only) and only available in WHITE.
  • Paintable grilles to match any ceiling colour

Should I tack on a subwoofer?

If you don’t get a subwoofer you’ll still get good bass. Jensen in-built speakers have been built for sound quality. They extend as low as possible with the size of the speaker driver that’s present. (“Extend” means their sound includes lower frequencies — i.e. bass.)

But subwoofers are special. They are able to produce “subsonic bass.” These are super low frequencies that you FEEL more than hear. Which means they’re especially great for movies and emotional, bassy music.

If you want impact that you feel, you’re going to want to add the EHT-707 to your system. This sub packs a mean punch with a tight, extreme-excursion 10-inch driver and powerful in-built amplifier. (Extreme-excursion means this driver moves more air than most 10-inch drivers.)

Powerful audio reproduction from Japan

The ultimate compliment in sound signature and all-around performance we’ve found is the Denon range of AV receivers. That’s why we carry the AVR-S605H to complete our 5.1 packages.

  • Incredible high fidelity sound reproduction in the home theatre category,
  • High power on all models for performance at loud volumes,
  • Built-in streaming and music sources (including an amazing multi-room app control),
  • Tons of inputs and connections (for most people it’s more than ever needed),
  • Compatible with most home theater innovations (4K, ATMOS, DTS:X, Spotify, Tidal, internet radio, and more),
  • Multiple zone support,
  • Over 100 years innovating in audio electronics, and
  • Perfectly matched sound signature for Jensen speakers.

Ready for your ultimate zero-clutter home theatre?

Our products are built to an above-average quality standard. But to ease your mind, all of our products are backed by an unconditional 5-year warranty. That way you never have to worry one bit about issues with our products.

Click the button below to return to the top of this page, and select the details of your 5.1 system.

  • Choose which surround speakers you want,
  • Whether or not you need a receiver with your order (if you don’t have one already),
  • Whether or not you want a subwoofer (highly recommended), and
  • Which colour you’d like (black will match your TV and adds tasteful contrast; white allows things to blend on a white wall better).

When you add to cart, you’ll be sent to a secure checkout form. Once your order is submitted, we’ll quickly package your brand new system and ship it your way (free freight). You’ll also receive a collection of resources to help you plan, install and set everything up!

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