Speakers Case Studies

Hello Wayne and the Jensen team,

Just wanted to write a quick email regarding the Jensen Speakers that I purchased from you last month. EHT-2, Elite 303 In-wall, EHT-707 & EHT-8 (for outside Deck). It was like Christmas came early when all the boxes arrived, all safe and well. I finally installed these last weekend and the installation was easier then expected. Cutting into the walls was a bit freaky, but all went to plan!! Also purchasing the Denon AVR-X3330W and connecting the Jensen speakers to this. The sound and performance from the speakers has really blown us away. After a few people told me I would lose quality due to the speakers being set into the ceiling/walls. I can say that nothing is lost and the sound a quality is more then any other speaker I have ever had. Yes, these people are also blown away, from the sound and performance, the styling and how sleek they look. Thank you to Damien for offering me the upgrade to the new EHT-707 SUB!!!!

What can I say except…WOW!! :)

I have not stopped smiling since we have installed this. Also a big thank you to you Wayne and your team for the great service and even when I called you always took my call or phoned back and answered what I needed to understand. I'm looking forward to many years from these great speakers and am showing all visitors to our home and letting them know these are the speakers to buy!!

Thanks guys. From a very happy and excited convert.

Warm regards,

Troy White

Upgraded from an old 150 watt sub and wasn't expecting much of a difference with X-165 being 160. To be honest I only grabbed it as I figured it would match my X-7's so I'd have a matching combo and wasn't expecting to hear much difference but I'm glad I did. This thing can be set to either bring the roof down when watching movies or be toned right back to just add some depth and subtle base for your music which is more what I tend to do. Not much else to say really, very happy with this X-165 ubby!

Well I decided it was worth incurring the wrath of my misses and upgraded to a set of X-7's.  As soon as I plugged them in I knew I had made the right decision... Music is in the ear of the beholder and I like this sound. I have them paired with an X-165 subby and they really do fill the room with sound nicely. I like my music to sound loud and be full with depth and base! Not the doof doof type of base though (although they do that also) and these fit the bill nicely. Am in the process of going through my Blu Ray music collection and rediscovering all of my favourites again with a completely new sound. I love them and the misses isn't taking it too badly as they actually look a lot better than the old Richters I had before them. 
- Adam C. - Carrum Downs

I appreciated the pre-email enquiries which lead to my Elite-202 purchase in Black. I finally have them installed and they look great ! Better than expected with the Gloss Black Glass face panels and sound superb with my Onkyo Receiver. Thanks for your excellent customer service and products. I will be recommending your brand.
George M. – Buderim, QLD

I recently got a new 60” Samsung TV and a friend recommended your JENSEN Elite-303 Glass In-wall speakers. I purchased Online and installed last Friday. The Glass panels look amazing and they sound awesome. I am rapt!!
Steve L. - Unley, SA

Wow !. Just installed my Elite-303/202/606 and I am blown away. Sound is huge, crystal clear and with deep Bass. We replaced our old Jamo boxes so my wife loves the extra room. Nice gear JENSEN and 2 day delivery was cool too!
Dave S. – Doncaster, VIC

We purchased our twin Elite 606 White Subbies arrived 2 days later. We have now finished our Townhouse reno and Bass is massive. Susanna loves the gloss White finish too. We have always had JENSEN’s and these are the best yet. Thanks Wayne for your suggestions and prompt emails.
Peter D. – Collingwood, VIC

Just loving the Elite 606 now it’s connected up to our surround system and booming out that bass! Certainly packs a punch for a compact unit. Was really quick and easy to install, and the glossy finish is amazing. Excellent service provided all round - the team were happy to answer my pre-purchase queries, and had some great suggestions for how to adapt to our space. Works just as well on the side (with additional feet) as upright. Will definitely buy from Jensen again - highly recommended.
Rachel R. - Williamstown, Vic

"What do you do when you and the kids love great audio but your wife doesnt want to look at boxes and wires? I started my online search with the brand I trust and have used before...Jensen. I soon came across the Elite 303's. They fit the design brief perfectly. They flush mount into the wall, (there is no need for a centre speaker as the 303's have them built in), the glass front panels look super high end and, best of all, they sound superb. I paired these with a pair of ceiling mounted forward firing EHT 4's and an old SPX-17 subwoofer. I bought the 303's direct from Jensen and the experience could not have been easier. I received an order confirmation within a couple of hours with consignment tracking information and the speakers arrived within 48 hours. All the speakers come with cutting templates which makes life really easy and the build quality is what i expected from Jensen...HIGH END !"
Mark T. – Blackburn, VIC

I am blown away. My Elite303/202/606 setup has been installed now 2 weeks and we are sitting down as a family again watching movies. Using the Glass 303’s in White Gloss up front and not needing a Centre Speaker looks awesome. We cannot be happier with our Online purchase and thank you Damien for helping us decide on this combination. I will be recommending your gear !
Tommy P.  - Darling Harbour, NSW

I am an Interior Designer by profession and was amazed at how nice my new Elite 303’s in Black look. Speaker design has changed ! Very impressive JENSEN.
Sarah L. – Penrith, NSW

I have installed 2 pair of EHT-6 with an old subwoofer and it sounds incredible. We plan to upgrade at Christmas to the X-165 subwoofer. I've always been happy with JENSEN
Martin R. - Olinda, Vic 

We installed the EHT-8 in our large alfresco area and we were all amazed how much bass and volume there was. This is great because now we don't need to use a subwoofer which would have been too awkward to carry outside.
Jospeh P. – Chirmside, QLD

The EHT-8s I got fom you are GREAT. They sound AWESOME beside our pool! Loud with lots of bass. I can't wait for the pool parties this summer. What a great product!
David McC. – Sorrento, Vic

The EHT-2s are outstanding and recommend these to everyone. Just looking at the size of the crossover and woofer magnets, I knew these would PUMP! I have fitted 2 pairs in my lounge/family room and they sound incredible. Thanks Jensen for a terrific product.
Sean D. – Maribyrnong, Vic

Had Great service from you (B D Imports Pty Ltd), delivered EHT-4/Elite-303/606 Black on the date no damage and The JENSEN in wall and ceiling speakers are a fabulous product. Will be very happy to show off to my family and friends. We Will be very happy to deal with B D Imports Pty Ltd again. Thank You Damien and Team.     
- Peter H.  Bay Of Islands New Zealand

I have a 4m x 8m open plan room with a home theatre at one end and 2 pair of the EHT4 across the rear (approximately 2m behind my couch). We were amazed these speakers fired all the way to us on the couch and past us to our kids up front. We wer all sprayed with sound effects from the EHT4. What an amazing product! Well done guys.
Malcolm C. – Vaucluse, NSW

Having brick walls, fitting great sound was going to be a challenge. Thanks Trevor for recommending the 3 pairs EHT4 speakers in-ceiling plus Elite 606 subwoofer. I've gotta say it sounds unbelievable and way better than expected. Thanks for your great service and advice
Danny DMc. – Hampton, Vic

Had my  X1 speakers for 2 months now and they sound amazing for their size. Clarity is good and strong bass. Plus the 10 year warranty is pretty cool as well!
James D. - Lilydale, Vic

Being an audiophile and lover of classical to rock, I rate these (X-3) speakers right up there. Tweeter detail is accurate, clean and midrange is warm and throaty. Even better than my 8yr old SPX-4 Jensen speakers.
Ben F. - Glebe, NSW

I have had my X-7s for months now and love them. After they were run in (8 hours) they warmed up beautifully. I play my music loud (when my wife is not home) and we are both very happy with them. The 10 year warranty is nice peace of mind too.
Robert H. - Marion, SA

I upgraded from Jensen QX-45 to the X-7 and the midrange improvement, extra bass and magnetic grille fixings were a pleasant surprise. They sound great and look good in my lounge room. My wife loves the appearance as well (which is always important)
Trevor J. - Welshpool, WA

Well we’ve had our X-165 for over a month now and it gets played every day. The bass is massive and I am sure the kids crank it up when Joan and I are out. Thanks for a good product and great service.
Tony S. - Five Dock, NSW

My X-165 subby with Onkyo amp is soooo clear and LOUD! All of my family have Jensen setups and they absolutely PUMP! We love the 10 year warranty too!
Larry M. - Coogee, NSW