In-Ceiling Speakers

JENSEN® legendary performance now invisible & built into your ceiling. Choose for ATMOS, rear home theatre, multiroom audio or outdoor alfresco use. Minimalist, beautiful, clean lines with loads of WOW factor!

No more boxes hanging off wall brackets shrouded in cob-webs, dusty wooden boxes or boxes sitting atop jittery speaker stands. Like their In-Wall brothers, Our In-Ceiling Speakers will deliver crystal clear sound with thunderous Home Theatre or Stereo Performance & come with an unconditional 5 Year Warranty.

JENSEN® Elite-404 In-Ceiling Speakers
  • 140 Watts RMS
  • Stunning, round AcoustiGlass face panels
  • Black or White Glass
  • Wide sweet-spot with fixed 15° dispersion horn
  • Big Bass Monster 8”Woofer
  • Easy DIY Installation
RRP: $499
$399 p/pair
2-4 days door to door