Home Theatre Speakers vs Sound bars

One of the best parts about being a home theatre aficionado these days is also one of the biggest challenges: you have so many different options to choose from depending on your needs. Do you go with a traditional home theatre system with floor standing, or in-wall speakers, or do you look for something a little more subtle? Are in ceiling speakers to your liking, or would you prefer a set of JENSEN in wall speakers to maximize your environment? Another option that has grown in popularity in recent years is the soundbar, which replaces a full set of speakers altogether for very different results.

Home Theatre Speakers vs. Sound bars: The Breakdown

The major benefit of a soundbar is that it is incredibly simple. Instead of five, seven, nine, or more speakers to install in various strategic locations throughout your room, you get a single piece of equipment designed to supplement your TV's built-in speakers. Sound bars come in all different sizes, but generally speaking, they run the length of your TV screen. They're small, yet powerful. Imagine if the normal centre speaker in your home theatre system was short and long and you're essentially picturing a soundbar.

The biggest advantage of soundbars is that you can still create a large, optimised sound environment without all of the additional installation and configuration that normally comes with a full home theatre system. If you're worried that you won't be able to recreate that deep, booming bass that you've grown accustomed to, you shouldn't be - two piece soundbars are available that include a separate sub-woofer for all of that low-frequency power you want.

Soundbar Disadvantages

The major disadvantage of soundbars, however, takes the form of just about everything else. While soundbars are decidedly simple as you're only plugging in one piece of equipment, it's not like in-ceiling speakers or in-wall speakers are all that complicated to begin with. With the right amount of planning, getting a traditional home theatre system up and running is something you can easily do on your own in an afternoon and you have something that looks like a natural, aesthetically pleasing part of the environment as well.

Another major disadvantage of soundbars is one of ultimate power. Now we like toys as much as the next person, but we don’t entrust high quality sound reproduction to what is fundamentally a gimmicky toy. While adding a soundbar to your TV will absolutely boost the quality from your average inbuilt TV speakers, it ultimately can't hold a candle to the power that only a true home theatre system from JENSEN can provide. This will be especially true in large environments. A home theatre system will create a large sound field that encompasses the entire room, whereas a soundbar will still only really give you the power you want if you're sitting as close to the TV as possible.

None of this is to say that soundbars are bad - they can certainly come in handy, particularly in small, enclosed spaces. Soundbars are perfect for renters, as they can be easily picked up and moved with little fuss. They are also indiscreet, perfect for those individuals that love more show than go!

However, if you're serious about home theatre sound, you need serious home theatre system components to go along with it. JENSEN’s range of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers can complement any sized room. With their stunning looks but discreet design, they can be installed in even small living rooms with awesome home theatre sound. If you are serious about sound, then you should seriously consider installing JENSEN in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. With their large drivers and greater cubic capacity behind the drivers, you get warmer, mellower tones that are far beyond the capabilities of a soundbar.

Check out JENSEN speaker’s excellent home theatre equipment range. From designer in-wall speakers to ground-shaking subwoofers, JENSEN has a speaker to suit your needs. Contact us for advice on your next speaker purchase.