Surround Sound Speakers

One of the most important factors to look for when choosing a home theatre system is versatility. Luckily, that is exactly what JENSEN excels at. The powerful JENSEN 2.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 or 9.1 surround sound combo units give you the unfettered ability to enormously boost the stereo performance of your TV, with or without using a subwoofer depending on your needs.

Regardless of the size of the system you choose, the speakers come with in-ceiling speakers or in-wall speakers for you to choose from depending on what you're trying to accomplish. The sets are designed to be a powerful alternative to traditional floor standing speakers, giving you the maximum sound quality that you're after without affecting the current aesthetics of your room or worrying about speaker placement.

For the absolute best results, it is recommended that you use a stereo amplifier between 70 and 130 watts. During installation, it is recommended that you use standard 14 gauge speaker wire to ensure the highest possible sound output at all times. If you choose to use an optional subwoofer with the system, make sure that you connect it using either an RCA cable or your 14 gauge speaker wire to unlock the power you want when you want it the most.

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