JENSEN® ELITE-303 In-Wall Speakers (Pair)

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The JENSEN flagship in-wall speaker are 3-channel front speakers with inbuilt centre speakers negating the need for a separate centre speaker. This places the center soundstage perfectly center of your screen instead of down below, which is typical of standard center speakers. Ideal for hi-performance home theatre surround sounds systems. Perfect for unobtrusive clean good looks that will match your large screen. 
  • The "Holy Grail" of in-wall speakers
  • Black or White
  • 3 Channel front speakers system
  • Perfect Center speaker
  • Stunning Long Glass Panels
  • Requires just 75mm wall cavity
  • DIY installation

JENSEN® ELITE-203 In-Wall Speakers (Pair)

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ELITE-203 In-Wall Speakers have been designed and developed specifically for Hi-Fi Home Theatre
  • In-Wall Bookshelf speaker replacement
  • Rear surround or front stereo speakers
  • Fit's almost all wall cavities - requires just 62mm
  • Easy DIY Installation