5.1 Home Theatre Sytem

JENSEN® ELITE-303 In-Wall Speakers (Pair)

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The JENSEN flagship in-wall speaker are 3-channel front speakers with inbuilt centre speakers negating the need for a separate centre speaker. This places the center soundstage perfectly center of your screen instead of down below, which is typical of standard center speakers. Ideal for hi-performance home theatre surround sounds systems. Perfect for unobtrusive clean good looks that will match your large screen. 
  • The "Holy Grail" of in-wall speaker
  • Black or White
  • 3 Channel front speakers system
  • Perfect Center speaker
  • Stunning Long Glass Panels
  • Requires just 75mm wall cavity
  • DIY installation

JENSEN® EHT-707 Home Theatre Subwoofer

Regular price $799.00
  • 160 Watt RMS (300 Peak)
  • Hi-excursion 10” down-firing driver
  • Matt black paint, cloth and glass finishes
  • Suits Music or Explosive Home Theatre
  • Glass top
  • Huge performance
  • Floor or build into cabinet
  • Suits rooms 12m2 - 50m2
  • 10 Year Warranty (1 on amp)
  • Sit on floor or build into cabinetry
  • Ideal for rooms up to 100m2
  • “Monster” 10” extreme-excursion driver has twice the cone-travel distance than most subwoofer drivers.
  • Due to digital sound tracks Bass is far tighter, deeper and punchier than a few years ago, 12” and 15” drivers can now be Slow and Boomy. This JENSEN 10” “Monster” driver punches out more Bass than most 12” and 15” drivers and is far quicker and tighter being smaller.
  • Encouraged to be played LOUD, real LOUD!
  • Clever “Auto-On” feature allows EHT-707 to spring-to-life when signal received then reverts to stand-by and goes to sleep when signal ceases.
  • Can daisy-chain as many EHT-707’s together as you like with a simple RCA lead. All will then perform as one. 
  • Available in Matte Black only. Perfectly suits Black and White In-Ceiling/Wall Speakers.
  • 10 Year industry first warranty. 1 Year amp module.

Jensen Subwoofers are to be heard (and felt) but not seen. That is unless you want to show off a beautiful Black Safety-Glass top, with a softening black cloth, all against a front panel with 7 coats of Matte Black paint.


JENSEN® ELITE-203 In-Wall Speakers (Pair)

Regular price $449.00
ELITE-203 In-Wall Speakers have been designed and developed specifically for Hi-Fi Home Theatre
  • In-Wall Bookshelf speaker replacement
  • Rear surround or front stereo speakers
  • Fit's almost all wall cavities - requires just 62mm
  • Easy DIY Installation

5 Speaker Home Theatre System

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  • Great performance at loud volume.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
  • HDCP 2.3 support; 4K video support.
  • Support for 3D sound formats (Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X)
  • 80 W per channel (2 ch. driven; 8 ohm; 20-20k)