The Brilliant Little Insurance Policy for JENSEN Speakers

In many ways, a set of high quality JENSEN in ceiling speakers or in wall speakers is an investment of your money and time in researching the product. It’s reassuring to have an investment protected, whether it is via insurance or a warranty of some description.  Something as integral and powerful as your dream home theater system is certainly no exception. At JENSEN, we've been using a very specially designed electronic component for over 30 years that has been protecting the sonic investments of customers around the world. 

The Vibration Effect 

To understand why speakers sometimes break down, you need to understand how they work in the first place. Sound is created by vibration and speakers are no exception. Whenever you pop on a Blu-ray with your favorite film and television show and enjoy that crystal clear audio and pulse pounding bass, your speakers are hard at work vibrating at different frequencies to create a high level audio experience. 

Though speakers are literally designed to vibrate, this doesn't mean they're totally impervious to being over-worked. You can push your home theater system too hard, causing you to have to make costly repairs or (even worse) forcing an unplanned upgrade! 

The JENSEN Insurance Policy 

Over three decades ago, JENSEN got to work on a solution for this particular type of problem. How do you preserve the inner workings of a speaker from excess wear and tear just because your favorite film has a lot of explosions, all without sacrificing that audio experience you value so much? 

As it turns out, the solution was incredibly simple. 

We designed a proprietary electronic component that has been used in all of our home theater equipment for decades. It's designed specifically to protect a little piece called the tweeter, which is almost always the weakest link in the drive chain of any speaker set. The tweeter is intended to reproduce high frequencies in particular, which means that it's one of the items inside any speaker that gets used the most. 

This wonderful little component is embedded directly into every single JENSEN speaker and is designed to store excessive power. You can push your new JENSEN home theater system to the limit and when you approach that breaking point on a normal set of speakers, our little insurance policy kicks in, maintaining the sound quality while protecting your speakers from costly damage. We've found that this goes an incredibly long way towards protecting the tweeter for the entire life of the product, thus guaranteeing that you can enjoy films, television shows and music the way you want to without worry. 

This is just one of the many examples of how JENSEN takes its commitment to our customers very seriously. Since the beginning, we've been dedicated to the values of designing affordable floor speakers, subwoofers and in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that are not just at the cutting edge of design and quality, but will safely produce earth-shattering sound that will have your neighbor's speakers ducking for cover!