How To Know When It's Time To Upgrade Your JENSEN Home Theater Speakers

A common misconception in the world of home theater is that you need to upgrade your equipment without fail every few years. This is not the case: if you've been enjoying your JENSEN in-ceiling speakers, in wall speakers or other options connected to your home theater system, you still will - they're built to last and will dutifully serve you for years to come. However, because of the break-neck pace at which technology continues to advance, there will come a time where you'll at least want to consider an upgrade to guarantee that cutting-edge experience you value so much. If you want to know when it's time to upgrade your JENSEN home theater system speakers, you'll want to keep an eye out for a few key signs.

The Media You Buy is Changing

The number one scenario where you would want to consider an upgrade for your home theater system has to do with the way the media you consume changes around you. This was the case when the marketplace shifted from DVD to Blu-ray, for example. DVDs commonly had 5.1 audio mixes and the home theater systems of the day were built to match. However, Blu-ray discs have a huge amount of additional space on them, which allowed content producers to ship products with 6.1, 7.1 and even advanced mixes like Dolby Atmos. These offered a much richer, fuller experience - but if you were still running an older system, everything would be down-mixed to 5.1.

This doesn't mean you'd get a poor experience; you just wouldn't get the best experience without an upgrade to speakers suited to the technology. The same thing is happening right now with 4K and 3D discs - if your Blu-ray player is connected to a home theater speakers system that wasn't built to support these advancements, it's more difficult to take advantage of them. If you put a premium on state-of-the-art sound, this would be one of the sure-fire signs that you might want to invest in something new.

Your Financial Situation Has Changed

Another clear sign that it might be time to upgrade your JENSEN home theater speakers is if you can now afford something "bigger and better" than you could in the past. Entry-level systems are certainly nothing to sneeze at, but with more advanced (and costly) units you'll definitely hear every dollar you spent the next time you watch your favorite Hollywood film. Even if your current system is meeting your needs, if you can suddenly afford something more powerful there's no reason not to upgrade - particularly if it means future proofing your home movie collection for the next decade.

Moving house or embarking on a renovation project in your current home offers the scope for an upgrade. Maybe your new space has a room perfect for a home theater, something your previous home didn’t. This would be a perfect time to invest in some high-powered JENSEN in-wall speakers (with a thunderous subwoofer as the icing on the cake!) that will complement your new room design with their elegant glass panels and slimline design.

Embracing the current state of the art will allow you to take advantage of newer advancements in home theater audio for a longer period of time - a decision you'll be happy you made every time you watch the latest pulse-pounding movie or television show.