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Room Acoustics - It's More Important Than You Think

Home Theatre Room Acoustics

There is an element to home theatre system design that is every bit as important as your JENSEN floor standing speakers, your in-ceiling speakers, your in wall speakers or even your subwoofer. Unfortunately, it's also one that people don't pay nearly enough attention to - room acoustics. Acoustics are defined simply as the qualities of a room that determine how sound reacts in it. The number of windows, the height of the ceilings, and even whether you have hardwood floors or carpeting can all affect your home theatre system sound quality in a number of ways that are more than worth exploring.

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Why Are Subwoofers Important For Home Theatre?

Jensen Elite 606 Sub Woofer Speaker

With so many options available for your home theatre system regarding JENSEN floor standing speakers, in wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers and more, sometimes it's easy to forget about another element that is just as important to the overall experience that you're trying to create: the subwoofer. Designed to accurately recreate those deep, booming bass tones that made such an impression on you in the local cinema, JENSEN subwoofers are an important part of your home theatre plans for a number of key reasons. JENSEN loves bass and we’ve built our reputation on creating quality subwoofers with massive performance to match. That’s why JENSEN has more subwoofers in Australian households than any other brand. 

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Why Are JENSEN Elite-303's the 'Holy Grail' of In-Wall Speakers?

JENSEN Elite 303 In Wall Speakers

When you purchase a set of JENSEN floor standing speakers, in-ceiling speakers or even a subwoofer, your ultimate goal is always the same: you want the "best of the best." You want something that will not only make your favourite films and television shows come to life, but that will truly be worth the investment and will show off your system in a big way to all of your friends and family members. If you're putting together a home theatre system and are looking for the holy grail of in wall speakers, look no farther than the JENSEN Elite-303 for a number of important reasons.

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Are In-Wall Speakers Powerful Enough For The Job?

JENSEN Elite 303 in Wall Black

If you want to build your dream home theatre system that you've always desired, you certainly aren't without your options. When selecting the correct speakers for your environment, many people choose to go the more traditional route with floor standing speakers and wall-mounted wall speakers, while others seek a more subtle solution. 

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Do I Need A Subwoofer For My Home Theatre?

Jensen X165 Subwoofer

When purchasing a JENSEN home theatre system, you will invariably ask yourself the question, "Do I actually need to buy a subwoofer, or can I get along without one?" This will be especially true if you live in an apartment or if you're working with a space that might not be able to hold yet another item on the floor comfortably.

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The Benefits of Rear In-Ceiling Speakers And The Right One For You

Jensen EHT-6 In-Ceiling Speakers

The simple fact of the matter is that you really can't go wrong with JENSEN in-ceiling speakers for your home theatre system, especially if you're trying to recreate that cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home as closely as possible. Choosing the correct rear in-ceiling speakers for your environment however, does bring with it a variety of different benefits.

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