A History Of JENSEN Speakers

A History Of JENSEN Speakers

Any telling of the history of JENSEN speakers would not be complete without a mention of the company's founder, Peter L. Jensen. Peter didn't necessarily get into the world of business in order to develop the highest quality sound and recording equipment imaginable - that was a by-product of his true goal, which was innovation. All the way back in 1927, Jensen founded the Jensen Radio Manufacturing Company. At the same time, he began producing speaker equipment for not only commercial radios, but also for use in the military as well.

The 1940s: A Bold New Era for Jensen

As the decades wore on, Jensen continued his quest for innovation by branching off farther into the speaker industry. Leo Fender, developer of one of the first guitar amplifiers in the world, chose to partner with Jensen due to the incredibly high quality and excellent tone of the company's speaker and audio equipment offerings. This one simple partnership saw a completely new world of possibility open up for the company. Throughout the 1940s through the 1960s, legendary music companies like Ampeg, Gibson and more all relied on Jensen musical instrument speakers in their equipment.

The Modern Era and Beyond

Unfortunately, JENSEN stopped producing their own loudspeakers and other equipment in the 1960s due to some trying economic times. The company name and the pedigree that it represented remained dormant until the 1990s, when SICA Altoparlanti resumed production of JENSEN speakers once again. SICA Altoparlanti is an Italian speaker manufacturer. After a significant period of research, analysis, polling and more, the company decided that the only way to bring that classic vintage tone back to music aficionados everywhere was by making floor standing speakers, in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers and more all to the exact same specifications of the original equipment that made JENSEN such a legendary name in the first place.

JENSEN Australia

Since its original inception in 1987, BD Imports has become one of the leading designers and manufacturers of speaker systems in and around Australia. If you've purchased a high quality home theatre system in the last 25 years, the chances are high that BD Imports had something to do with it.

Based out of Melbourne, BD Imports has designed a series of speakers under license for many hugely popular and legendary brand names with JENSEN being perhaps the most famous example.

One of the things that allow BD Imports to remain on the cutting edge of the business has to do with the way they take advantage of state-of-the-art technology in general. BD Imports has seen the industry evolve tremendously in the last several decades, from tape to CD to Blu-ray home theatre systems and everything in between. With each new advancement, BD Imports makes a significant effort to keep their own offerings in line with not only what customers demand regarding the latest and greatest that audio equipment has to offer, but also while keeping in mind what they deserve at the exact same time.